3 Ways to Experience Art In Stunning Technicolor The Next Time You’re On A Cruise

Cruises capitalize on the fact that there is no shortage of things to do while you’re out at sea. If by some weird happenstance you do exhaust your options, the amazing thing about cruises is that the ship has a destination in mind. You spend a week or so relaxing the day away, stuffing your face with all you can eat buffets, being entertained until your eyes fall out, and then when you finally become bored with your options, you port at your destination and you go out and see the sights in whatever exotic location you’ve chosen to visit.

If you think that you’re going to be bored on a cruise, you’re sorely wrong. But if you’re curious as to just how much there is to do, here are just 3 ways you can experience art in stunning technicolor the next time you take a cruise:

Through Art Auctions

Park West Gallery takes the world by storm with the art it provides the world in its galleries in cities, but also abroad and on the very cruise ships you’re taking your next vacation on. Cruise ships lack no amenity, but if you’re looking for ways to embrace art while on the open sea, you need to attend an art auction on the ship, put on by Park West Gallery. You might find yourself being moved by a work of art and if you feel so compelled to purchase, you’ll have a memento to mark your cruise experience for the rest of your life.

Through Live Theatre

Who says you have to go to New York City to see Broadway-caliber theatrical productions? Nobody does. In fact, you probably don’t have to go too far from your room to see amazing theater while you’re on your cruise. The cruise lines hire only the best of the best to create varying and stunning performances for audience members like you.

The best part? This is usually included in your cruise package…or at least you get a discount. You like visual art, and you got to see it in the galleries, but not through live theater, you can take visual art to a whole new level and be blown away by the precision and skill level of the actors, dancers, and performers on stage before you.

Through Architecture and Engineering

While you’re on the ship, you will get to see things you’ve never experienced before, but you’ll also get more than you bargained for because when you see the ship in all it’s grandeur, you’ll be blown away by the architecture and engineering that goes into putting on this mass production. If that’s not enough, when you pull into port, you’ll see buildings like you’ve never seen before and the artistry you see in architecture and engineering will blow you away.

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