4 Exciting Food Trends Taking 2016 By Storm

Food culture changes radically every few years. With the rising popularity of locally sourced, organic foods, many restaurants have changed their focus to seasonal foods and farm-to-table movements. In 2016, there are many new food trends that are popping up all over the U.S. From rising ramen to the persistent popularity of Los Angeles, here are a few of the exciting food trends happening in 2016. Check the hours availability on these restaurants before you head out!

Japanese Imports

As Americans begin to focus more on their health, it is becoming clear the Japanese diet may be the ideal role model. Diets based in seafood and seaweed are incredibly healthy and one especially comforting Japanese food is becoming quite popular in the states: ramen. Before you stereotype ramen noodles into a prepackaged block with a seasoning packet, be aware that it can be so much more.

Traditional ramen is made from a broth of simmered meats and vegetables, often cooked for 12 hours or more. This savory, layered broth is then added to freshly cooked noodles. From there, your ramen can diversify even more. Varieties of vegetables, fruits, seaweed, meats and more can be added to create flavor and texture combinations. Ramen houses are now opening around the U.S. and becoming wildly popular.


Throughout the summer heat, people are consistently on the hunt for tastier and healthier options. Hawaiian-inspired food has begun to make its move to the mainland with the popular dish known as poke. At its core, poke consists of fresh fish, soy, seaweed and scallions, but modern chefs are making modern twists to this cultural classic. Newer poke versions include coconut, lime, beets, jalapenos, and macadamia nuts. Head to Los Angeles to taste the latest and greatest of this island favorite.

Bubby’s Kvelling

The success of Israeli-inspired Zahav, in Philadelphia, had led to spreading popularity and interest in Israeli cuisine. With emphasis on vegetable-based dishes, the Israeli diet is heavy in eggs, chickpeas and olive oil among other things. Israeli dishes include the world famous hummus and baba ganoush.

Middle-Eastern inspired, Madcapra, is making the move to Los Angeles in the coming year, bringing with it all of the most popular Israeli culinary items. Many styles of flatbread, chickpea dishes and fresh salads are present in the Israeli diet and should bring a healthful revitalization to American cuisine.

Los Angeles

In the past, you would believe the long established east coast made all the trends in food culture. However, in recent years the boldly adventurous west coast has been stepping out, creating all sorts of culinary masterpieces. Most recently, Los Angeles has begun to make its mark in the fine food industry with foodies opening everything from meat-based Animal to Middle Eastern Madcapra. With something for every palate, L.A. may be changing the way America sees fine food.

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