5 Africa Safari Activities that Must be on your Bucket List

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For most people, an African safari conjures up images of travelling by car and witnessing a host of species from distance as they interact in their natural habitat. This is certainly a popular and appealing notion, with an estimated four million tourists booking on an African safari every single year.

This relatively rigid interpretation does a disservice to safaris, however, as this type of travel experience is deceptively diverse and home to a number of genuinely thrilling activities for people of all ages.

We’ve listed five of these below, as you look to book your ideal trip and experience nature in a way that’s most relevant to you:

Try a Walking Safari

It’s a little known fact that safari packages are rarely created equal, with walking holidays becoming increasingly popular among travellers.

In fact, most experts believe that Africa is a country best explored on foot, with its combination of stunning landscapes, informed guides and superb trails creating the perfect meld for pedestrians.

Not only this, but a walking safari creates a far deeper level of interaction with different species of wildlife, helping you to feel closer to the action and enjoy a far more immersive experience overall.

There’s also a myriad of choices available for walking in popular safari destinations such as Zambia, so you’re bound to find a package that suits your unique needs.

Go Horse Riding

If you look at the diverse list of Africa safari activities by www.africaodyssey.com, there’s likely to be one option that really catches your eye.

We’re talking about horse riding, of course, which is available to anyone who is comfortable in the saddle and wants to traverse the African terrain in a truly memorable way.

From epic treks through the African bush to shorter journeys in beautiful locations such as Dar es Saleem and Kenya, there’s also a variety of options to suit both seasoned and novice riders alike.

Dive in the African Indian Ocean

Tanzania remains one of the most popular safari locations in the world, and this is not only due to the fact that it’s home to a number of diverse packages in the north and the south.

Additionally, Tanzania is barely a stone’s throw from the popular island of Zanzibar, which offers superb accommodation and boutique shopping to compliment the traditional safari experience.

This location also offers you the opportunity to dive in the vast expanse of the African Indian Ocean, which boasts a largely unspoiled coral reef and stunning marine parks.

This is a serious bucket list location for divers, regardless of the other locations in the world that you’ve deigned to visit.

Consider Boating

In some locations, you may also be able to book a boat safari, which is a really unusual way of experiencing the local terrain and wildlife.

This also offers a different perspective on the animals that you interact with, particularly as it enables you to witness elephants wash and splash in the water at a close distance.

Similarly, there’s no better (or safer) way to get up close and personal with crocodiles and hippos, as their eyes meet across the sun-kissed water.

If you’re a romantic at heart, you’ll also appreciate relaxing at sundown and watching as the sun sinks into the Okavango Delta. This experience is tailormade for couples, particularly those who are visiting as part of their honeymoon.

Take the Time to go Fishing

While it may not seem like it, fishing is an extremely popular activity for people who book an African safari experience.

There’s certainly a diverse range of choices available to enthusiasts from all walks of life, from challenging fly-fishing in the Zambezi to easier pickings around the picturesque islands of Mozambique.

For dedicated fisherman, Zambia is also an increasingly popular destination. The key is to understand your precise expectations and existing skillset, before choosing the location that is most suitable.

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