5 Inexpensive Date Ideas That Won’t Make You Look Cheap

Did you know that the average cost of a date is around $100?

Not only is going to dinner and a movie expensive, but it’s not the most creative date idea.

The good news is that you can do plenty of exciting things for little to no money while still impressing your date. Keep reading for 5 inexpensive date ideas that will make your date fall in love.

1. Simple Date Idea: Go to the Beach or Lake

It’s impossible to feel stressed out by the water. Instead of sitting in a quiet, dark theater, the beach is a great place to chat and have fun. There you can also challenge your date to a sand castle competition, take a romantic stroll, or splash in the waves together.

If it’s hot, don’t forget to bring a cooler with some refreshing drinks. Packing some snacks like fruit and pretzels is another nice touch.

2. Romantic Dates Idea for Her: Park Movie

Lots of cities offer free movie nights in the park where guests can bring blankets or chairs and enjoy the show. Not only will this movie option save you tons of money, but it’s more romantic than a theater. If you feel a connection, you could cuddle up on the blanket under the stars.

To add to the fun, you can bring your date to a convenience store beforehand to stock up on cheap movie candy, drinks, and other snacks. You can get a lot of treats there for $10.

3. Inexpensive Date Idea: Go Hiking

If you’re both athletic, nature can be the perfect date scenery. This humble outing will let you both appreciate the beauty in its simplest forms.

On a hike, you can have meaningful conversations and see how you work as a team. When you get to the mountaintop or find another picturesque place to rest, you can snack on some PB&Js or energy bars.

If you anticipate more dates in the future, be sure to snap plenty of pictures during the date. When there’s an occasion where you need an inexpensive gift, you can use Vistaprint promo codes to make custom gifts from your own photos.

4. Fun and Romantic Date Idea: Gift Challenge

If you want to make things silly and exciting, you can drive to the mall, dollar store, or any other nearby shop and see who can find the best gifts on a budget. Before you start, set a price limit that you’re comfortable spending.

When you get to the store, you can go your separate ways to hunt for the funniest or cutest gifts that fit within your budget. After you both check out, you can give each other the gifts and laugh over your finds.

5. Date Idea Near You: Bakery Hop

We’ve all heard of bar hopping, but drinks add up quickly no matter where you go. A cheaper alternative is to go bakery hopping all around town.

At each pit stop, you can pick out the most appealing treat. After you’ve made a few stops, you can take your goodies to the park and try everything. This date is fun, creative, and an interesting way to get to know each other.

Want More Entertainment?

These 5 inexpensive date ideas prove that you can make sparks fly without breaking the bank.

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