6 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Rent

You already knew you could rent cars and power tools. The list of things you can rent, however, is far longer than that. From designer items to earth movers, rent the things you need for now, but can’t justify buying, to make your life more convenient.

Designer Bags

You love having the latest designer handbags, but don’t have the income to support spending thousands of dollars on new models. Several websites exist that let you rent handbags for a week or a month at relatively reasonable fees. Get the bag in the mail, use it for a while, and send it back. Some of these services have been likened to Netflix for handbags, because you get a new one when you send the previous one back.

A Theater

Ever wanted to play your XBox on a movie theater screen? If you have a Cineplex near you, you can rent out one of the theaters for two hours to play your favorite video games. Bring as many as 12 people with you for a crazy cool gaming experience.


Earth movers like mini backhoes don’t just belong to construction crews and landscaping companies. If you’ve got a backyard job to do that involves moving dirt, you can rent a mini excavator. Digging a pond in the backyard, turning soil for a big garden, or overhauling your landscaping are all possible and in your control.


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People now rent out their dogs when they go on vacation or on a work trip. Instead of just sitting in a kennel until the owner returns, the dog gets to go out with the renter for a few hours of fun. People who don’t have the time or the space to own dogs, but who want to spend more time with them, get a few blissful hours of spoiling an adorable pooch.

Someone to Wait in Line

A New York company called Same Ole Line Dudes will actually hire out people to stand in line for you. It’s not the cheapest endeavor ever, but if you’re not into standing in line for six hours for concert tickets or the latest iPhone and you have some disposable income, hire someone to stand there for you. Then get on with your life until your line dude has reached the front of the line.

A Wedding Dress

Though many women like to keep their wedding dresses, many shake their heads at the thought of spending thousands on a dress to wear once. After all, men get to rent the tuxes, right? Now you can rent a wedding dress for a fraction of the cost of buying one. Even spending $400 on a wedding dress rental will save you money for the honeymoon!

You don’t always need to buy something you’re only going to use for a day. Instead, rent those items and save yourself money and storage hassle. If you need it again, you always know where the rental website or retail location is.

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