7 Extremely Fun Water Parks You Need to Visit Before You Die

7 Extremely Fun Water Parks You Need to Visit Before You Die 1It’s getting towards that time of the year where work can be forgotten about and a vacation can be planned for the whole family to enjoy. Wherever you’re choosing to head off this year, it’s important you make plans when it comes to sightseeing, excursions, and of course, waterpark fun. Whatever country you’re visiting, or if you’re just crossing the States to Orlando, you can be sure there is a decent water park close by that the whole family can get excited about. Have a look at some of the top waterparks in the world that you need to consider if you’re visiting one of the countries.

Area 47 – Austria

If you’re ever lucky enough to visit Austria, you should take the family to Area 47 to enjoy some of the excellent waterpark facilities on offer. When you’re not taking advantage of the many water rides available, or the diving tower, you will find yourself on dry land navigating your way around the physically demanding rope course. It’s one of the few water parks in the world that offers much to do and see for the whole family.

Beach Park – Brazil

We’re not all going to be lucky enough to roam the streets of Brazil and take advantage of some of the amazing scenery on offer, but if you do get a chance to visit the country you should consider visiting the Beach Park waterpark for the day. Situated in the middle of Beach Park is the biggest water slide in the world, sitting at a frightening 135ft high. If your children do build up the courage and take a leap of faith on that monstrous slide, then fair play, but if not, they may well enjoy the many waterslides on offer or the younger themed play area that consists of many water cannons and smaller water slides for them to enjoy.

Siam Park – Tenerife

Situated on the Canary Island of Tenerife lies a water park that offers some of the best entertainment the island has to offer. If you’re feeling brave enough, you may want to consider the 91ft Tower of Power ride that is scary enough alone, let alone the aquarium you need to go through that’s filled with sharks and stingrays. If the water park isn’t enough for you, you may want to visit the beach at the bottom of the hill which is sure to give you the atmosphere you crave. Make sure you bring your swimming gear and your children have their junior swimwear so you can enjoy the sea in the beaming hot sunshine.

WaterWorld Waterpark – Cyprus

If you start melting because of the Cyprus heat, you may want to take the family to go and cool off in the WaterWorld Waterpark. The park offers some extremely good water slides in the Grecian-themed area. Children can enjoy the smaller water slides on offer and adults can get on the main water attraction that sends them flying on an adventure through a Roman temple.

Aquatica – Florida

7 Extremely Fun Water Parks You Need to Visit Before You Die 2If you are in Orlando this year, your family should start getting excited about what famous waterpark Aquatica has to offer. This waterpark is filled with plenty to do along with the fact it has got two wave pools for your whole family to enjoy. If you’re not too keen on all the slides and rapids on offer, you may fancy a walk on the soft white sand area that houses more than 60,000 species of plants. It’s one of the only water parks in the world that has something that each member of the family will enjoy.

Aquaventure Waterpark – Dubai

Dubai is well-known for its white sandy beaches and crystal-clear seas, but it’s also known for the Aquaventure Waterpark and the amazing facilities on offer. This waterpark not only houses the widest water slide in the world, but it also has the longest river ride at 2.3km in length, and the longest zip wire – so you can be sure you’re going to have a lot of fun when visiting. If you want to get personal with some of the sea life, you’ll also be able to hand feed stingrays!

World Waterpark – Canada

The World Waterpark situated in Canada is the second largest indoor water park on the planet. Along with the many water slides and shoots to take advantage of, you will also have plenty of fun in the middle of the wave pool, which is the largest indoor wave pool in the world consisting of more than 2.7 million gallons of water.

The amount of fun you’ll have with the family at the above waterparks is endless, and the destinations themselves offer much more to do and see once you’ve spent the day having fun on the slides.

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