Best Kitchen Appliances 2019

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Purchasing a kitchen appliances can be a confusing array of brands, models and options. For this reason, we will take a look at what we think are the must have kitchen appliances for any kitchen in 2019.

Professional Blender

If you like to make soups, milkshakes or smoothies at home then a professional blender would be a good kitchen purchase to make this year. Some of the best professional blenders are able to blend your ingredients so that they are smooth in just a few seconds. The kinds of features to look out for in ease of use, ease of cleaning, low noise when in use, visible measurements marks and the ability to pulse blend.

A Multicooker

A kitchen is not a kitchen without a cooker, and what’s even better is a multicooker. A multi cooker can work like a pressure cooker and many models have a function to be able to make yoghurt, rice and act as a slow cooker. Multicookers can usually steam, grill, boil, roast, deep fry, simmer, boil, fry and brown food.

Air Fryers

So, you may have done your research on the 10 best air fryers to have in 2019 and know which air fryer best suits you. Before you take the jump to buy it, remember to double check the features it has. Look for features such as:

  • the basket capacity
  • adjustable heart settings
  • whether it’s digital or analogue. (analogue models tend to be cheaper.)
  • Pre-set timers.

Coffee Grinder

If you love fresh coffee then a coffee grinder is a must have to create the perfect cup of fresh coffee. Although it’s possible to buy coffee that’s already ground, beans tend to last longer before they have been ground. Additionally, coffee beans will give off more flavour when they have been put in to a grinder. There tends to be three types of grinders available on the market – manual, blade or a burr. A barista will always pick a burr as they crush the beans slowly rather than simply smashing them.

Essential Oil Diffusers

Essential oil diffusers are sometimes referred to as aromatherapy diffusers. This device can diffuse essential oil into the air which means the room is filled with a pleasing scent of essential oils. Aside of scenting your room, essential oil diffusers also help to promote sleep and relieve stress.

Air Circulator Fans

If you change your environment you will soon see the improvement it has to your life. This is where an air circulator fan comes in, as they can help to improve the quality of your atmosphere. Air circulator fans are not just about keeping you cool on those summer days like traditional fans, they can also produce warm air in those cooler months.

Coffee Machine

When it comes to choosing the right coffee machine you need to consider what’s right for you. Think about the type of coffee drink that you like and the convenience of the machine. The kinds of features to look out for include the temperature, the speed, ease of use, filtration and the strength of the brew.

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