The Best Wiring Options for Print Photo Books

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It’s one of those items that has survived the test of time, despite the emergence of digital alternatives, but that’s mainly because print photo books retain an element of charm.

Flicking through the pages, and casting your mind back to memories, is one of those pastimes that you can’t beat – but it has to be done in the right circumstances.

When we talk about “circumstances,” we’re not referring to whether you’re doing it with mom, dad or the dog – but more so the style of the photo book you are looking through. Anyone can flick through A4 print outs, but a real photo book, and one that pulls the heartstrings, is one that’s designed accordingly.

Today we’re going to look at something that’s often neglected whilst choosing one of these gifts. The binding that goes along the side of the album might be ignored by many, but it’s something that can make the world of difference from both an aesthetic and functional point of view. Let’s now take a look at some of the main options open to you.

Spiral bound

This is probably one of the easiest methods to resonate with, and is effectively a spine forming the edge of the back. It’s something of a modern look, but at the same time it’s not usually something associated with professional projects. For this reason, most people will use a spiral bound album for something that’s completely personal to them, or if they are looking to provide a gift to a young person who wants additional help with navigating the page.

If you are planning to regularly pull out the album, this may also work well as you’ll be able to lay it flat on the table and cast your eye over both pages of photos.

Case bound

If you are looking for something that’s even more professional, the case bound solution could be up your street. You will find similarities with this approach and a standard book – the binding is effectively “squared off.”

Obviously, for gift purposes, this is pretty pleasing on the eye. However, while the spiral bound option allows you to easily flick through the pages and lay the book out on the table, it could be argued that this isn’t quite as easy with this one. Therefore, you really need to think about how often your album will be used and also who will be using it. If it’s children, the spiral solution might be more suited.

Wiro bound

This is one of those options that people regularly get confused with spiral binding. The two look almost identical, but in the case of the wiro solution there are parallel pieces of wire as opposed to the one which occurs with spiral. The idea is that the pages will be much more balanced when placed on a flat surface – meaning that it’s a slightly more premium solution which offers all of the benefits of spiral binding.

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