Buckle Up! Belts Are Back in 2019

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Belts have been a wardrobe staple since the Bronze Age due to their functionality — many people need them to keep their pants from falling down! However, this year, belts are making a comeback as a fashion accessory. Consumers want understated designs that are elegant and not too far “out there.” Here are some strategies to stock up on the hottest trends.

Casual Belts

Belts can literally tie an outfit together, but fashion-conscious dressers expect more than that. Like a fine watch, a striking belt leaves an impression. In the case of casual styles, there’s a cool factor that comes into play as well.

Whether the belt is wide or thin, studded or printed, strapped or buckled doesn’t really matter as much as how you wear it. There are a few things to watch out for, however. A belt that exactly matches the shoes and watch selected for the day can overdo the look. For a casual style that’s still put together, choose a nice belt that doesn’t match any other accessories. Casual belts and shoes should vary by one shade for a contrast that still looks planned. In general, casual belts are much thicker than formal ones.

Here are some great examples of casual and formal belts that let you express your style.

Formal Belts

For formal occasions, play it safe. An elegant belt doesn’t usually draw attention away from the main outfit. It can, however, help pull a look together. Compared to casual belts that still look good up to 4 cm, the new rule for formal belts sets the maximum width to 3.5 cm, with 2.5 cm being the preferred conservative width.

Another difference, compared to casual belts, is that formal belts should stick with neutral tones, such as black or brown in fine leather. Patterns and designs should be saved for casual occasions, but a barely visible grain or fine weaves make great exceptions to the rule.

Unlike casual belts, formal belts veer away from patterns and bright designs. However, a barely visible leather grain or fine weave adds an elegant touch. Gold or metal buckles are fine as long as they aren’t paired with a contrasting metal that will clash and ruin the effect.

Farikali belts blend in many of these qualities and provide a distinctive flair that allows the wearer to express their originality.

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