Donald Trump Jr. Free At Last After Thirteen Years Of Marriage

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Failure runs in the family, depending on your point of view. Donald Trump Jr. finalized his divorce with now ex-wife Vanessa Trump in late February, after nine months of separation and a lengthy proceeding. The two were married for thirteen years, during which time they had five children together. The pair seemed amicable even during the long separation, and assured the media mob they would continue to raise their kids together now that everything is settled.

Since Vanessa filed for divorce last March, the two have vacationed together during the president’s many weekend golf trips to Mar-a-Lago. They were seen together at the White House Easter egg hunt in April. They complimented one another on Mother’s and Father’s Day.

Initially, the divorce proceedings were set to move quickly because the issues were uncontested. Someone changed their mind at the end of July. There are no material details on why it happened, but there are a number of factors that can determine a contested divorce. It might be Don Jr. or Vanessa decided they didn’t want the divorce after all, but more likely one could not sign off on the terms originally set forth in the divorce agreement. These terms usually include alimony, child support, child custody, and how the assets are divided between the two parties.

Soon after Vanessa filed for divorce, it was reported that her current financial security was the reason she divorced her husband. Her father recently died, and she was the beneficiary to millions of dollars obtained through his lucrative investments. This money now belongs to her because it was obtained through a third-party, and cannot be touched during the division of assets. Even if the reports are true, they fail to provide any details on why the two decided it was time to end their marriage.

Don Jr. is already dating again, and people have lashed out at the new relationship almost as if he should be grieving the loss of his wife. Then again, it might have something to do with the subject of his new affections. Kimberly Guilfoyle was a Fox News host before she decided to make a career move to America First, a super PAC best known for its investments in the Trump presidential campaign.

Publically, Vanessa supports her husband’s decision to move on with his life, and vilified those who would throw a woman under the bus just because of who she dates. Vanessa tweeted about the respect she and Don still have for one another, and asked the press to avoid obsessing over their personal affairs.

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