Dramatic Portrait Photographer Rodney Torres Is On The Rise

Traditionally, celebrity photographers don’t stray too far from what their predecessors have done. Celebrities-and their agents-tend to have very rigid requirements about how the celebrity should be lit to highlight their best angles, features and what poses would complement them. Some even try to control what kind of backdrop or background is used. However, when a celebrity is in the hands of a great photographer in the Philippines, all those constrictions are tossed out the window. When in the presence of a skilled photographer, even celebrities allow freedom of expression.

Rodney Torres Shoots For the Stars

Rodney TorresDramatic Portrait Photographer Rodney Torres Is On The Rise 1 is one of the rising celebrity photographers responsible for the shots in the controversial movie, “Jacqueline Comes Home.” The film recounts the troubling story of a real life crime involving the Chiong sisters in 1997. VIVA Films and VIVA Artists hired Rodney Torres to shoot the star’s publicity images that were subsequently used on the official movie poster.

A Cinematic Touch

To be sure, Rodney Torres’ passion is creating cinematic style photographs that have been compared to those paintings of the famous masters of the brush such as Leonardo da Vinci who mastered the sfumato and chiaroscuro techniques in paintings. Rodney’s artful use of lighting, colors and tones results in images reminiscent of Rembrandt. The depth of the photos bring out the very soul of the subjects in a way that few other photographers in history have been able to accomplish. Perhaps this is way Rodney’s young but growing portfolio is comprised of some of the well-known names as Louise Delos Reyes, Marco Gumabao, Ryza Cenon, Michelle Gumabao, Meg Imperial, Donnalyn Bartolome, Guji Lorenzana and Karen Gallman.

Innovation From the Beginning

Rodney Torres has never been one to follow the trends. Although talented photographers like Annie Leibovitz and Dan Winters have certainly been great influences in his work, Rodney has a fresh take on portrait photography that has gotten his followers from Manila. He has also been instrumental in innovating the Philippines photography print industry by bringing giclĂ©e or fine art print technology to Manila. As a professional photographer as well as a fine art printmaker, Rodney Torres is melding technology with fine art and personal talent and expertise in a way that is gradually gaining traction in the local scene. As an artist, Rodney is able to connect the camera lens with the subject’s inner soul through his images. As a businesswoman, he has been able to take the best of both worlds to combine his passion.

For now, Rodney Torres, is a photographer on the rise who you should look out for.

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