Markie Post Dies of Cancer

Markie Post, who played Terri Michaels in ’80s famous action/adventure show The Fall Guy, has passed away at age 70. The actress had been fighting cancer for four years. The Hollywood Reporter and other news sources reported that Markie Post died on Saturday evening as confirmed by her manager, Ellen Lubin Sanitsky.

What Made Markie Post Famous

Making her acting debut in the late ’70s, Markie Post got her major acting role in ABC’s action/adventure show The Fall Guy in which she played the bondswoman Terri Michaels, who hires the stunt trio Colt (Lee majors), Howie (Douglas Barr), and Jodi (Heather Thomas) to retrieve bail violators. Post was a regular on the show from Season 2 in 1982 through the end of Season 4 in 1985.

Markie Post then further climbed the ladder of fame with the role of public defender Christine Sullivan on NBC’s sitcom Night Court from 1984 to 1992. Post was the show regular from Season 3 to through the end of the show with the 9th season. The show made her a household name in American TV shows and movies. She was particularly liked for playing the protagonist in ’90s TV movies like Beyond Suspicion, Chasing the Dragon, and Visitors of the Night.

Markie Post
Markie Post in The Fall Guy. @IMDb

As seen on her IMDb page, Post has 76 acting credits, her final major role being in the 2019 TV movie Christmas Reservations and her last acting credit that of a guest star on the 2019 Netflix show Soundtrack. Post’s acting career spans four decades as she continued to play at least a few roles nearly every year from 1979 all the way to 2019.

Cancer Diagnosis and Death

A native of California, Post was diagnosed with cancer four years ago, according to ComicBook. But she continued to work post-diagnosis, showing her commitment to the acting profession. In her personal life, Post was known as a loving and nice person who cared about others.

The passing of Markie Post has brought an end to her earthly life but hasn’t quite daunted the special charm she brought to the screen or the love in the hearts of millions that grew up watching her talent.

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