Media Room 101- Why You Need One and How to Furnish It

When you were growing up, watching favorite shows likely meant heading to the family room and lounging on an old couch in front of a clunky television.

Now that you’ve closed on the home of your dreams, you want to create a more welcoming and larger space to gather with your friends and family, as well as to cheer on your favorite teams, binge-watch the latest shows on Netflix and enjoy movies together. Beyond that, you want to go above and beyond a basic living room by creating a comfortable space devoted to watching TV shows and movies.

In other words, you want to set up a media room. But, unlike a home theater room with velvet covered seats arranged in rows and a no talking rule, a media room is a more social, multipurpose room, where you can combine watching sports or movies while chit chatting with your friends.

Here are some tips on how to furnish it:

Opt for Plenty of Seating

If you plan on having a group over to watch a big game or simply watch a movie with your family on a Friday night, you need plenty of space for everyone to sit and gather. Instead of jostling for position on a couch and the floor, a media room should have plenty of comfortable seating.

Case in point: A recliner or two, overstuffed chairs, bean bags on the floor for the kids and at least one amazing couch will do the trick. When selecting furniture, you can’t go wrong with a huge leather couch with plenty of room for lots of friends.

For instance, the Sloane charcoal sofa from Jerome’s Furniture would be perfect for any media room, as it features a luxe yet comfortable look that’s both stylish and also easy to clean.

Invest in the Perfect TV

To provide for the best viewing experience possible, you’ll want to invest in a large TV for the media room. Because many of today’s high-end TVs are now the 4K Ultra HD variety, you can still enjoy a great viewing experience, even if you are sitting close to the screen.

For instance, if you have a 55-inch 4K TV, you can sit as close as five feet from the screen. Measure the wall where you want to mount the TV, as well as the overall room space, and then choose the most optimum TV. If the media room is large enough, you should be able to spring for a TV that will fill up the whole wall.

Don’t Let in Any Light or Sound

While you might not want your media room to be completely dark like a home theater, you still want to be able to watch a movie, game or show without any distractions. With this in mind, invest in light-blocking window coverings that you can pull down when watching something during the day.

Additionally, buy sound-absorbing furniture and accessories that will help keep the room quiet. And, instead of a tile floor, go with a plush carpet and add in some upholstered chairs to absorb sounds.

Have a Great Time in Your New Media Room

After purchasing your dream home, you deserve to furnish it with every luxurious amenity you desire. A media room, with its low lighting and ample and comfortable seating, is a great place to start. In fact, your friends and family may be so impressed with your amazing room that they may be inspired to create one of their own.

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