The 5 Best Dress Shoes to Dominate the Office Like a Boss

Choosing a good dress shoe can be hard, especially if you need to spend a lot of time in those shoes, at the office. There are many high quality modern dress shoes which provide both the elegant look and the comfort you need. Before you invest in a pair of good shoes, you need to know which are the best shoes and how they can complete your outfit so you can dominate the office like a true boss.

The formal black Oxford lace up shoe

The classic Oxford is the shoe which pops up in your head when you think of men’s dress shoes and for a good reason: it is one of the most elegant type of men’s shoes. What defines an Oxford is the lace up system, which sets them apart from other types of shoes. The name Oxford shoe comes from the notorious University of Oxford in the heart of England, where these shoes were first worn by the students.

The 5 Best Dress Shoes to Dominate the Office Like a Boss 1

Despite Oxfords come in many colors, the most elegant one is the versatile black, which can be worn with a formal suit of any color, from black suit to a navy or grey suit. These smart shoes are not to be worn with jeans or any casual outfit. Invest in a pair of timeless formal black Oxford lace up shoes in either full grain calf leather or black patent leather to wear at a black tie event, such as a wedding. They also work well as a formal business meeting or any other event where you need to look classy and elegant.

The slip on penny loafer

The slip on penny loafer is seen as a casual type of shoe, but they come in formal version as well. This means you can find the perfect mix between comfort and elegance in the shape of a penny loafer. There are four main types of elegant penny loafers: the basic loafer, the Belgian loafer, the tassel loafer and the Gucci loafer. Each type of slip on penny loafer can be paired with a dress up outfit, for a classy look. For an elegant, yet laid back event you can pair the loafer with dark jeans and a button down shirt, while for a date night you can pair Belgian loafers with a navy blazer. When it comes to colors and fabric, black leather loafers are the most elegant. Because the loafer can be worn with or without socks, you can decide what to do, but generally speaking, you should always wear socks at a formal event.

The single / double buckle monk strap shoe

Monk strap shoes are another type of dress shoes for men which provide a great option for those who want to enjoy the elegance of a classic shoe, but don’t want to tie their laces. While the monk strap shoe looks very similar to the Oxford or the Balmoral, the lack of laces makes them different. These shoes are made from leather and feature one or two half straps which enables you to tighten them as much as you need. The double buckle shoe works best for men with narrow feet, as it gives you a better fit.

The monk strap shoe is less formal than the black Oxford, but it’s definitely a great pick when you want to create a smart, yet elegant look. Wear them with a suit during a business event or pair them with a navy suit to attend a more laid back event.

The luxury Italian moccasin

The moccasin is one of the oldest types of shoes and one of the most comfortable shoes out there. Made from soft leather and with a flexible sole, the moccasin is perfect when you need to walk a lot or drive long distances. But the moccasin is more than a comfy shoe, it can be a dress shoe as well. You can dress up luxury Italian moccasins by pairing them with a classic suit. As for the colors, you can match a bold colored moccasin with a navy suit or a grey suit.

The slip on Chelsea boot

The Chelsea boot is known for its flexibility and it comes in a wide range of colors and models. Another laceless dress shoe, the slip on Chelsea is easy to put on thanks to the elasticated side panels. Despite these shoes are seen as not formal, with a traditional Goodyear welted leather sole, you can wear them at a formal event, if they are black. Pair them with a formal suit or play with textures and match a pair of suede Chelsea slip on with a suede jacket for a modern look.

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