What Money B from Digital Underground is Doing Now

*During Scarface’s 28-city “Icon” tour, you may have noticed a special guest in the merchandise area – Digital Underground member Ron Brooks, aka “Money B”! Brooks is a hip-pioneer that has remained relevant for the last three decades.

Brooks prefers being under the radar at his shows until he’s called onto the stage. Scarface invites the artist to sing his part in the song, “I Get Around” by Tupac. When fans speak to Brooks after the show, they all want selfies with the man who once depicted the “Humpty” character. Because fans aren’t expecting him at these shows, it’s a welcome surprise for them.

Brooks would like to extend his career even further. He spoke with Joe Walker of the EUR (Electric Urban Report) about leading the way in the digital era, his thoughts on his radio show, as well as Scarface himself.

Brooks says she has known Scarface for over two decades, as they share the same fans. It’s wonderful to tour the country and speak to people after falling into obscurity for a while, according to the man who calls himself Money B.

He currently performs with the newest member of his musical group, Young Hump, who now plays the “Humpty” character. Brooks has debuted his latest endeavor, Digital Underground Hip Hop Merchandise, and he’s also in the new Tupac movie.

According to Brooks, when you release music on a regular basis, people come to associate a certain style with you. You establish a brand as an individual, also. He believes people trust you when they see that you’re the same, that you’re not changing who you are inside. They’ll reward you by purchasing your product, and they’ll come to your shows expecting to see a performance they enjoy. They’ll support you for keeping it real. That means a lot to the artist.

Money B is all about making quality music, as opposed to reacting to what’s happening in the world. He isn’t interested in putting out what he thinks young people today want to listen to. He wants to make the music that satisfies him. As long as he stays true to himself, he needn’t be concerned with the sales of the product. Old school artists sometimes feel like they need to change with the times to stay relevant, but not Brooks. Money B feels that fans should be given a performance they’re familiar with.

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