Where Should You Live? Take a Quiz and Find Out

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Where we live says so much about our personality. Do we crave the hustle and bustle of a big city or can you find us skipping through the flowers and rolling along the countryside? Most of us don’t feel connected to the place we live but are too afraid to make the big leap that comes from moving cities or perhaps even to a new country. Why waste years wondering if or when instead take an online quiz and let fate decide.

There are so many online quizzes that can tell you where to live or what your ideal environment is. Most of these quizzes just focus on the background, though, not the inner workings of your soul. Not to mention, we are not one-dimensional. A big-city lover may feel best at a weekend on the woods while a country dweller may dream of living in the heart of Paris.

MagiQuiz is known for delving deep into your psyche, and the “Where should I live quiz” is no different. Let’s take a sneak peek, and who knows by the end of this article you may feel right at home or be planning your next big adventure.

Where should I live quiz
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#1: Coffee

You know the expression about tea and China, well apparently coffee can tell you something about where you should live. Do you love a local organic brew or do you just need caffeine no matter what, where, or how you get it?

Not only does our food and drink choices tell us about what we like, but they also speak to the environment we thrive in. Think about it like this, if I name a beverage you can probably picture the scene already. Let’s give it a whirl.

1-Paper cup, hot cup o’ Joe

2-Flute of local champagne

3-beautiful porcelain cup of green tea

If you guessed New York or another big city for the first one, France for #2, and Japan for 3, you can see how what we drink and how really does say a lot about who we are.

#2: Exercise

I know you may not like any at all but that can also tell you if you are meant to be in your current climate.

There is a place for everyone. From the happy Netflix couch warmer to the dance all night until dawn party animal. If you crave the peace and quiet of yoga or a walk in the woods but look out your window and all you see is the brick wall of your neighbor, you may be living in the wrong place. The same goes for the person who comes alive in loud, active areas but the most action your town sees is a Farmer’s Market.

#3: Food

I know we talked about drinks, but your stomach can be a compass when it comes to where you should live. Your favorite foods may speak to your love of simple luxuries, like high-quality chocolate or your fast-paced life mixed with ethnic flair like a delicious grab and go taco bar. If you crave exotic foods often but the only thing exciting about your local menu is pizza toppings, your tummy might be begging you for a culinary adventure.

Take Away

It can be scary at first to think about moving to a new place but taking a “Where should I live quiz” can be a great way to uncover you have known where your true home is all along. Next time take a look through pictures and see where you smiled the most. Was it over a simple cup of coffee in a tin cup at a campground or maybe umbrellas and cocktails on an island paradise was your best moment ever. Either way, consider that like a plant people grow best in their ultimate environment, take your quiz and find out where you should live, today!

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