Why Russian and Ukrainian women consider a relationship with a foreigner

Women from Russia and the Ukraine, are often described far an wide as the most beautiful Russian women in the world, and there is clear evidence that a sizeable majority of the most desirable Russian women, those age 35 and under, are more than willing to consider foreign gentlemen as future lovers.

A Russian news website reports that in fact, a nationwide poll indicated fully half of all Russian and Ukrainian women would consider having a romantic relationship with a foreigner and that a sizeable portion of them consider themselves to be currently involved with a gentleman from another country, from the West. And of those women who are age 18 to 23 percent, fully 78 percent are currently involved with gentlemen from outside Russia.

Reasons in an overview

What is the reason beautiful, young, attractive women are interested in having a foreign lover? Not surprisingly, a vast majority mention the possibility of marrying a foreigner and leaving Russia. But many also mention, they were attracted to foreigners’ appearance, and a small but sizeable minority also mentioned they were attracted by the exotic thrill of having a foreign lover.

So strong was the allure of a Russian woman, foreign man match, that during the recent World Cup Games, literally hundreds of women travelled to the games in hopes of striking up a relationship with a foreigner. And a great many did.

What are some other reasons that Russian and Ukrainian women are attracted to foreign men?

One reason is life expectancy. Women live an average of 10 years longer than men in both countries and with rampant alcoholism, high employment, and a generally cavalier attitude toward life, Russian and Ukrainian men are just not reliable in the opinion of many.

Another reason, particularly for Russian and Ukrainian women having or planning to have children is stability for their child. Russian and the Ukraine are still relatively unstable countries politically and economically, and while there are no guarantees, their children are likely to have a less tumultuous future.

Another big factor is equality in gender roles. While foreign men do tend to expect a more feminine woman than they find in the West, Russian women are thrilled that in general, their foreign lovers support them in both working, and in helping with the household chores. Russian men, they argue, are still behind the times.

Another attractive feature for foreign men is the fact that both Russian and Ukrainian women often are attracted to older men. And it’s not just for their money. Russian and Ukrainian women seek the protectiveness and gentleness they tend to find with older men, plus, it is not uncommon for their parents to have a significant age gap within their family, and often those marriages last a very long time.

Why Western men consider a relationship with a woman from Russia

Without question, a primary reason men are attracted to foreign women in general, but Russian and Ukrainian women, in particular, is their stunning beauty. Go through any Russian and Ukrainian matchmaking service, on the web, and you will find hundreds of gorgeous, sport, well-tone, trim, and sexy women. And it’s not just the young girls either. Even in their 40’s, many Russian and Ukrainian women retain a model-like appearance.

Another unique attraction is education and professionalism. There are doctors, lawyers, optometrists, computer and civil engineers galore among the women of Russia and the Ukraine, and while some of them may need a little retraining to work in their chosen profession, the degree of education a woman has is also an indication of potential compatibility.

Finally, there is a travel experience and sophistication. As the old Soviet Union collapsed and as economic circumstances improved, a great many Russian women have travelled to Western Europe, South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the like. In fact, in the larger cities such as Moscow and Kiev, most Russian women have more international experience than say a farm girl from Nebraska who has never even travelled more than 100 miles per home. Russian women, tend to be adaptable to many cultures, and for some men, make a great choice for a mate.

Talking about challenges in a relationship with a Russian woman

Of course, there are challenges too. The biggest perhaps is language. Russian and Ukrainian women may speak another Slavic language, but even the brightest of university graduates can only speak English with a dictionary. Often, during dating, but in particular, after marriage, translators are required as well as special language courses in English.

Another challenge is getting a visa for your potential bride. Foreign men, in most cases, need to consult an immigration attorney to do the paperwork necessary to invite your bride to come to their country.

Russian and Ukrainian matchmaking services still continue to flourish on the internet though, along with those that offer in-person introductions, because foreign men are often less than satisfied with the women in their own country. They tend to be older, have more emotional baggage from previous marriages, may have a multitude of kids, and display more independence than the men would prefer. But all in all, love, is where you find it, and many men now seek love in Russia.

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