World-Renowned Entrepreneur, Artist and Architect Armand Peri Talks About Art Basel

World-renowned artist, architect, athlete and entrepreneur Armand Peri was spotted with his wife at Art Basel 2018 in Miami Beach, Florida.

Armand Peri Spotted

Armand Peri. Image c/o Armand Peri
Armand Peri. Image c/o Armand Peri

At an exclusive members club on Thursday night October 6th 2018, Armand Peri was spotted with his wife Francielle having dinner.

There were plenty of other names floating around: Serena Williams was already in the room, dining following the launch of her pop-up shop at Faena Bazaar.

Leonardo DiCaprio came up the back entrance around midnight, donning a black hoodie and baseball cap.

All your favorite celebrities manage to appear in Miami Beach, FL for the annual Art Basel celebration.

Ever since the early aughts, pop culture icons and collectors alike turn the marketplace into one huge party at night, others use the week as an opportunity to catch some rays on the beach (will we ever find out why Lenny Kravitz wore shoes while traipsing across the Miami sand?), and others really do their part to take in the sights and assess the artwork (like Venus Williams did in 2010).

Art Basel For Celebs

When you take a look at who shows up to Art Basel, you’ve got your models, your DJs, your designers-turned-DJs, and just about every influencer who can manage to fly the coop for a quick jaunt to the sandy beaches of Miami for the long weekend.

Basically, if you’re going to Art Basel you can’t be afraid to cut loose and look a little silly while doing so. Besides, it’s not really an Art Basel Miami Beach function until Paris Hilton, a fixture of this event since 2006, shows up to party, now is it?

Peri states this was his first time at Art Base Miami and he is definitely coming back next year to party and showcase his own paintings … He was encouraged to explore his passion for art at an early age and became an avid artist and painter; winning several state and national level art competitions.

National Art Competition

At just 17, Peri began to gain recognition for his work. He went on to win a National Art Competition for the Endowment of the Arts, which flew him to personally meet the President and the first Lady in Washington DC.

Peri shared his words of wisdom and inspiration for creating art. “Art and Architecture can make you look at something in a very exciting and totally different way. It can give you the power to ‘float,’ he said.

“I get my inspiration from simple things in life, from beautiful things that happen around me, things that make me happy, leave me inspired. I believe that every human being has the power to do good for someone else.”

Peri received a great deal of publicity following the success of his New York City nightclub “Show” where he met many A-list celebrities that he is now seen parting with. He is also known for creating “Hunk-O-Mania,” which is considered to be one of the largest and most successful male revue clubs for women in the world with locations in 19 cities.

For more information about Armand Peri’s art visit or his Instagram @lifeperiway

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