Experience New Things in Your New Kitchen

You’ve finally gone and done it — created the kitchen of your dreams! Now it’s time to really dive in and enjoy it. The best way to do that is to try out the appliances by putting them to the test. One of the most common ways to break-in the kitchen is to come up with or try some new recipes. Look up new ways to cook your meals, explore new herbs and spices, then get to work and make your renovation or upgrade truly shine.

Test Drive Those New Appliances

If you’ve replaced all of your appliances, you’ll find that you gravitate towards them most when you’re in the kitchen; it’s only natural. That new counter-depth refrigerator makes it easy to reach inside, so you’ll be able to keep it cleaner. Better yet, gone are the days of losing a jar of jam all the way in the back or playing “what’s this food?” when something is long past its prime. If you opt for French doors, you’ll marvel at how easy it is to organize and find food when you need it.

Add New Gadgets

Now is the perfect time to add new gadgets that you’ve been eyeing, but didn’t have the room or know-how for, such as the Instant Pot or a fancy can opener that fits the same color scheme as your appliances. If you drink wine, consider an automatic cork remover to save you time and effort, or even add a new wine refrigerator. Buy a nifty spice rack or personalized cutting board and utensils to officially put your mark on your new space.

Try Out New Ingredients

A new kitchen means you have to try new recipes with new ingredients. Get creative with your dishes, try things that you’ve never used or tasted before. One such ingredient is natural honeycomb, such as the honeycomb offered by Pass The Honey. You can get really creative with it. Put some in your hot tea, oatmeal or even mix it in ice cream. If you have a sweet tooth, you can even snack on it as-is for a rare treat.

Try new herbs and spices to change up your meals and taste-test to expand your palate. You can even grab some produce items that you’re not used to cooking with to expand your cooking repertoire. Once you’ve perfected your new recipes, consider inviting your neighbors over to get to know them better. You can even use them as your taste testers, but that can be your little secret.

Whether you’ve moved into a new house with a large kitchen or you’ve recently upgraded yours to get exactly what you want, you should make it a point to have fun with it as much as you can. Bake cookies or cupcakes for new neighbors, or put a new spin on a classic meal by adding different herbs and experiencing new foods. Whether you come up with a winner that gets added to your recipe deck or a meal that immediately goes in the trash, at least you’ll know you had fun doing it.

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