All about Freezing and Bursting Pipes

Did you know that frozen pipes are one of the biggest risks in terms of property damage in cold weather? According to IBHS, a frozen pipe can lead to pipes bursting, which can result in water damage worth more than $5, 000.

In the winter, freezing and bursting of pipes is the major cause of water damage to walls, ceilings, furniture and other possessions. Immediate attention to the situation is required to minimize damage and prevent further loss, says an expert at Disaster Restore 365, a leading water removal service in Houston.

Water damage inside and outside a house due to pipes bursting is often covered by standard homeowners’ insurance. However, homeowners need to prove that the water damage was caused by a pipe bursting.

Why Pipe Bursts

Have you ever witnesses a soda can exploding when left in the freezer for too long? A similar process happens with the water inside the pipes during winter.

When the temperature drops, water freezes and expands in the pipes. If the water expands too much, the pipe could burst. The point where the pipe bursts then becomes an escape route for the water inside, which could flood the house, if it goes unnoticed for long. Experts at leading water damage restoration services in Houston recommend homeowners to consider immediate water removal, otherwise there could be a risk of mold growth and health issues, like asthma.

Is There a Solution?

Leaks from pipes, fitting and plumbing fixtures are a substantial source of water wastage in the US. According to the United Stated Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an average American family can waste 180 gallons per week, or 9, 400 gallons of water annually, from such household leaks. This amount of water is sufficient to wash more than 300 loads of laundry.

Fortunately, a frozen pipe will not always crack or burst, if it is allowed to thaw. The rule is that if there is no excessive water pressure, the pipes won’t burst, even if the water inside freezes. Pressure can be reduced by turning off the main water valve to the house and leaving the faucets open so that the water can drip through.

However, it is not always possible to use this trick and leaks still take place. So, what should one do? A water damage specialist in Houston could help.

How Water Damage Restoration Service Can Help

If you are faced with an emergency water damage situation in your home or business property, contacting a water extraction service is the best course of action. There are some great water damage specialists in Houston, who can take care of everything from a water leak from a burst pipe to taking care of flood damage, flood restoration, flood cleanup and more.

They use special techniques to extract water, remove debris, dry out and repair your residential or commercial property quickly. So, the next time a pipe bursts in winter, you know what you have to do.

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