Thinking About Camping in Winter? Here’s What You’ll Need!

Although a large percentage of camping trips occur doing the warm summer months, it doesn’t mean that camping is forbidden during winter. In fact, winter camping trips can be a real adventure. The best thing is they don’t have to be dangerous or even inconvenient.

Speaking of convenience, it’s actually much easier to stay comfortable than you might imagine. In order to ensure a total comfort while winter camping, all you need to do is bring proper equipment with you!

Layered Clothing is the Key

The human body is actually very good in keeping the body temperature at a normal level. However, the risk of hypothermia is real if you go out camping in the middle of the winter. Luckily, the solution is simple – layered clothing. By putting on several layers of clothing, you will be able to trap the body warmth, which would otherwise slip away.

A good advice is to stay away from cotton, as it’s not very good at wicking moisture. What this means is that such type of clothing will get wet as soon as you start sweating. In turn, this can lead to a massive heat loss. It’s because water conducts heat much faster than air. This means that you will get much colder if your clothes are wet than you would if you were standing naked in cold weather.


Staying warm while winter camping is all about capturing the heat. Apart from bringing proper clothes with you, you also need a quality tent. A tent will keep you and your fellow campers warm, while also protecting you from moisture. Of course, just setting up a tent is not enough – you also need to pay attention to the location of your campsite.

You mustn’t set up a campsite at the bottom of the hill as that’s where a cold-air trough might form. The same goes for the top of the hill, where winds can create unbearable conditions. Instead, the location of the campsite needs to be somewhere in the middle, but you need to make sure that the ground is flat so that your tent will stay put.

Camping Mattress

Apart from bringing you an ultimate comfort, camping mattresses are great for another reason. A camping mattress will keep you off the ground, which can be freezing during winter months. In fact, sleeping on the bare ground can have horrible effects. It can sap away your body temperature much faster than cold air would.

Also, you should consider bringing additional blankets with you, as well as a sleeping bag. When it comes to the winter camping, the rule of thumb is that it’s always better to overpack. Carrying a few extra items might seem annoying, but sometimes it can mean the difference between life and death.


If the temperature is well below zero, capturing the body head might not be enough to prevent hypothermia. Starting a camp fire might come as a good solution to keep warm, but it won’t solve the problem completely. For example, what are you gonna do in the case of a heavy snowfall?

That is why it’s wise to bring a generator with you. If nothing else, just keep it there for emergency. You will be able to use it to power a heater, but also to recharge your phone or power a radio, which is something that can be very important if you need to call help.

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