Tropical Teak: Does Other Tropical Wood Hold Up Like Teak?

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Teak is a regulated wood because of its popularity. Teak is a precious wood, worldwide. It is no wonder it is strictly monitored to rejuvenate the supply because of the demand.

Teak’s Toughness

Strength is the attribute that teak has in spades. Regardless of climate, it stands the test of temperature. The ability to withstand heat, cold, rain, or snow, teak is perfect for outdoor furniture. For example, a teak bench is a perfect perch every day without the wear and tear of sitting comfortably.

Teak does not degrade like many kinds of wood. Eucalyptus’ qualities mimic teak in some ways. However, it is merely more abundant material without regulation. Teak is where the demand stays.

Adapting to Beautify

People do not always consider adaptability of wood when picking out indoor or outdoor furniture. Teak is not only durable, but it is flexible.

Appealing qualities of teak includes:

  • Warm colors
  • Termite resistant
  • Durability
  • Water resistance
  • Strength
  • Stands up to splintering

Acacia is another tropical wood with some of the same attributes as teak, but not nearly all of them.

The color of teak alone makes it appealing for homeowners and carpenters. If left outside, teak only ages in its beauty. Indoors it remains a golden shade.

Mahogany’s color is as warm as teak. However, it is expensive and lacks the quality of teak.

Softer woods cannot adapt to the beauty of the carpenter’s eyes or the homeowner’s vision. Teak truly holds the test of time when it comes to aesthetics.

Best for Building

The true value of furniture is not the price of it. It is the cost plus how long it will last. Teak gives a bang for the buck. Whether deck furniture or an indoor piece of art, time only amplifies teak’s various qualities.

Many homeowners simply purchase new outdoor furniture every seasonal cycle. But, cheap is not a money saver. For the investment in teak, it saves an overall house budget because the need to replace after heavy snow or blistering summer is not necessary.

The Southeast Asian wood takes four decades to grow to maturity in the tropical climate. The natural oils of teak are what allows the wood to be water resistant.

Afrormosia, acacia, and types of mahogany bear out qualities of teak, individually. However, the overall vision of the durable woodmakes it the best overall option. Regardless of the design of a house, teak forms to that image and remains beautiful for years to come.

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