Wanna Paint Without Harming the Environment? Try Environmentally Friendly Paint

Your home is in need of a renovation, and the best way to do that is a new coat of paint. It’s seen its best days (and a couple of its worst) and after everything you two have been through, it’s about time you gave your house some love.

That said, a little love can do a lot of bad for the environment if you aren’t careful. Many of the house paints used today have chemicals inside of them that can do harm to nearby animals, plants, and the area around you in general.

And the worse part? It’s totally legal to buy and sell. Clearly, profit seems to matter more than taking care of the environment.

Thank goodness there’s a way for sensible people like you to protect the environment while giving the home a fresh new look by buying environmentally friendly paint.

With environmental paints, you get the best of both worlds at a cost that won’t break the bank. Just to set you on the right path, we’ve got a list of paints that you can buy so you can get started on your (environmentally friendly) paint project.

Types of Environmentally Friendly Paint You Need in Your Life

Here’s a short list of the types of friendly paint you can buy for your house. Your home (and the rest of the universe) will thank you.

Behr Premium Plus Enamel

One of the most dangerous things in normal paint is the high level of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. These compounds are known to affect the users themselves, so it should come as no surprise that it can hurt nature too.

It’s a good thing, then, that Behr thought of a way around all of this.

Behr, the official Home Depot house brand, has managed to create paint that doesn’t use VOCs in order to be effective. They have paint for both interior and exterior purposes, and they have over 4,000 colors that you can choose from.

Good to know that Behr has both the environment and the people in mind.

Earth Pigments

What’s more earth-friendly than the earth itself?

Earth Pigments is a company that thought that same way. Before them, no one really thought there was a way to make paint out of natural ingredients, but that didn’t stop them from trying.

After trial and error, Earth Pigments finally came up with a paint product made primarily from natural minerals and plant-based materials harvested directly from the earth.

To keep the paint fresh and working at its best, the materials are kept separate from each other when bought, so you’ll have to mix them together yourself in order to use them. However, the end result is definitely worth the work.

To keep with their earthy vibes, Earth Pigments offers a variety of earth tone colors such as Ocher, Cyprus Green, and Sienna, leaving you feeling one with nature in every way imaginable.

Real Milk Paint

Yes, you read that right. No, we didn’t misspell it.

Real Milk Paint is a company that has achieved the impossible: they’ve made paint out of milk. And the best part is that it’s surprisingly strong, and can be used for both indoor and outdoor painting projects.

The way it works is through the magic of powdered milk paint. The minerals in powdered milk replace the harmful chemicals of traditional paint while still being just as effective.

With this in mind, the paint can be applied without harm to the user, and won’t do damage to the environment due to its non-toxic nature.

Real Milk Paint is a great choice for both interior and exterior painting jobs, and comes in a variety of colors and can sizes, so you can get the job done no matter what kind of project lies ahead of you.

YOLO Colorhouse

Now, these guys know what it really means to be a tree hugger, and it shows in their product.

This paint company has been around for less than a decade, but in that short amount of time, they’ve been able to make some very drastic things happen.

YOLO Colorhouse doesn’t just want to make natural-based products; they want to eliminate any and all things that make paint harmful. Their research has created a paint that is completely cleared off all harmful ingredients.

And we do mean all: from carcinogens to VOCs, formaldehyde, and phthalates, they’ve completely removed these materials from their paints – and have the certification to prove it.

To top things off, the company has made sure that every ounce of their paint can is friendly, too. The containers are made of 100 percent recycled plastic, and the labels are made with a mix of recycled materials and printed with soy ink.

Oh, and did we mention they ship their products using biodiesel-fueled vehicles and make their paints in over almost 90 different earth-friendly colors?

Seriously, there is no other product that cares as much about their impact on the environment as these guys. If you’re really into being green, this is the way to go.

Once you get the paint that you want to use for your house, you need to make sure it’s properly applied to your home for maximum results. Hiring a commercial painting contractor is the best way to make this happen.

No matter what paint you choose, you can be sure that you’re doing the world a favor by buying one that’s environmentally friendly. Make sure to pick up a can or two whenever you’re ready to give your home that new paint job it deserves.

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