6 Essentials That Make It Easier to Live With Incontinence

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People of all ages can develop incontinence. At times, the health issue is the result of surgery. It can also be a permanent condition. Whatever the circumstances, there are products that will make it easier to deal with incontinence as long as necessary. From investing in a disposable mattress to assembling a kit of supplies to take along when you leave the home, here are some of the basics that are worth keeping on hand.

Medical Tape

You may not think of different types of medical tapes being associated with incontinence care, but they are actually quite helpful. The tapes can help to hold pads and other types of protection in place. When used properly, they can minimize leakage and provide a little more time for you to find a private place to deal with an accident. Your doctor can provide advice on what sort of medical tape is right for you.

Disposable Mattresses

Disposable mattress are thinner mattresses that you can place over your current one. Along with providing more support, they also help to protect your mattress if you should have an accident during the night. Many people find they prefer this option because the material resists staining, does not absorb fluid easily, and in general can be cleaned with ease.

Disposable Undergarments

Having an ample supply of disposable undergarments is a must for any person living with incontinence. The garments of today are not as bulky as the ones offered a couple of decades ago. That makes it all the easier to find designs that fit easily under your clothing and don’t create any lines. While many of the garments are designed to retain leakage, it never hurts to explore different kinds of medical tapes that will enhance the qualities already provided by the undergarments.

Bags for Soiled Undergarments

You would never dream of tossing a soiled undergarment into a public trash receptacle. What will you do if there’s an accident while you are having dinner with friends? If you have bags designed for disposing of soiled undergarments, the answer is simple. Excuse yourself and go to the restroom. After cleaning up and putting on a fresh garment, seal the soiled garment in a bag. It can then be placed in the trash bin with no worries.

Mattress Covers

While you use a disposable mattress at home, what happens if you visit relatives over a weekend? It pays to take along a coupe of disposable mattress covers as well as one or two mattress pads. The combination will protect the mattress from any accident that may occur while you sleep. Both the covers and the pads can be disposed of with ease.

Skin Care and Cleaning Essentials

You should always keep plenty of agents on hand to help you clean up after an accident. Some type of soap that contains a moisturizer will be essential. Wipes that help with quick cleanup are also important. Make sure they are also treated with some type of moisturizing agent that soothes the skin as well as helps you get clean quickly.

You may also want to include lotions that help to reduce the risk of rashes and other skin issues. Take these along with you along with you whenever you leave the house.

Talk with your doctor about what sort of products and supplies will make it easier to manage your incontinence. From medical tapes to disposable undergarments to mattress pads, the right combination will ensure you feel comfortable leaving the home and going wherever you like.

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