6 Points to Remember If You Are Thinking of Getting Tattoos or Piercings

You have a friend who made a trek to the Toronto Black Line Tattoo Studio and emerged with a wonderful tattoo on an upper arm. After taking a look at the tattoo, you wonder if getting one is something you would like to do. You also wonder if a piercing, especially one for the nose, would be a good choice. As you consider your options, keep these six points in mind.

There’s More Than One Type of Nose Piercing

When you think of a nose piercing, the idea of a nose ring is what comes to mind. While many people choose this option, remember there are other piercings that will also work. How about one on the side of a nostril that’s just right to sport a jewel of your choice? You can check out different types of piercings for just about every area of the nose and see what you think.

The Selection of Tattoo Designs is More Varied Than You Think

Did you know there are thousands of tattoo designs on the market today? A professional artist at the Toronto Black Line Tattoo Studio can help you narrow the options by getting an idea of what sort of tattoo you have in mind. Do you want a design that helps to honor someone you love? There are plenty of styles to consider. Maybe you want one that has to do with a favorite entertainer, a geographical location that has meaning for you, or possibly something that’s just a lot of fun or includes a certain quote or caption. There’s a good chance of finding a design that’s perfect and will need nothing more than a little customization.

You’re Not Stuck With the Same Jewelry

With your nose piercing, don’t assume you have to wear the same jewelry all the time. That black sapphire nose stud can be changed out for your birthstone during certain times of the year, or any other stone that may have something to do with a holiday. Having several options that you can change out makes the piercing all the more enjoyable.

Remember that you can leave out the jewelry for certain occasions if you like. The key is to ensure you place some type of jewelry back into the piercing before it has a chance to close.

Artists Will Help You Come Up With a Unique Design

Maybe you want a tattoo and have a specific design in mind. If you can come up with a rough sketch, the artists at the Toronto Black Line Tattoo Studio can work with you to refine the design and come up with a finished product that’s exactly what you want. After the design is finalized and you select the colours, it won’t take long to finish the work.

You Can Have More Than One Piercing

You may be thinking in terms of a single nose piercing, but did you know that some people prefer to have two or more? What about a couple of small studs for each nostril coupled with a ring in the center or possibly smaller rings just below the studs? Discuss what you have in mind with a professional. It’s easier to get an idea of how the outcome would look than you think.

For Your Eyes Only or For The World to See?

With tattoos, you can decide where they will be placed. Do you prefer to go with something that people can see with ease? That would mean a tattoo on the neck, the forearms, or maybe the legs or ankles. When you would prefer one that’s something you only want to share with certain people, something on the chest, stomach or a more intimate area would be in order. Since it’s your body and your choice, you can get a tattoo just about anywhere that you like.

Are you curious about tattoos or piercings? Would you like to get an idea of how they would look? Visit a local shop and talk with a professional. It won’t take long to make a decision that’s right for you.

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