California Pays $8.6 Million To Train 11,836 Workers

126 New Healthcare Hires

California’s Employment Training Panel is to pay more than $8.6 million to train 11,836 workers, according to documentation of 28 training contracts. This is a cost of just $726 per trainee.

Four of the 28 contracts support job creation in healthcare. Those four contracts provide training for 126 new hires at four facilities. Temecula Valley Hospital, San Gabriel Valley Medical Center, Pacific Alliance Medical Center, and Whittier Hospital Medical Center.? At least some of those new hires will be nurses.

Our new hire incentive program helps new nurses get the on-the-job training skills they need while supporting the growth of Californias healthcare sector. Employers that pay the Employment Training Tax can apply for training contracts to help their workers grow their skills and their businesses. – Stewart Knox, California Employment Training Panel Executive Director.

The Temecula Valley Hospital contract adds 35 registered nurses to its staff, to help increase patient demand for a planned expansion.

Temecula Valley has 140 private licensed beds, 20 extensive care beds, four high-tech surgical suites, a cardiovascular surgical suite and a catheterization lab. Construction of this hospital is not yet complete. In fall 2016, a new progressive care unit opens, and two cardiac catheterization laboratories and another operating room suite are planned.

We are very pleased to participate in this program to further enhance our nurse training programs to meet the needs of our growing hospital and the community we serve, said Amber Gollogly, representative for Temecula Valley Hospital.

In Los Angeles, part of the contract for Pacific Alliance Medical Center will train 30 new employees on advanced and critical care skills. The contract supports expanded hospital service and maintains staffing ratios. The medical center provides surgical services and in patient care. It also has a 24-hour urgent care unit.

The San Gabriel Valley Medical Center says there is a shortage of experienced nurses in the area. The training contract helps hire and train 16 new graduate registered nurses. The Medical Center has 273 licensed beds in its full-service acute care hospital. This area.

Whittier Hospital Medical Center is to hire 45 new employees including 30 registered nurses. These new employees will mainly support its emergency, perinatal and perioperative departments and programs. The full service acute care facility has 178 licensed beds.

The State Employment Training Panel supports job creation and retention through training. Employers pay for the training and the ETP reimburses employers for those costs. The training can be for existing workers, or unemployed workers wanting to re-enter the workforce. The Panel works to ensure California businesses have skilled workers to remain competitive.

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