Can Infor Surpass Oracle In The Cloud Business Services Sector?

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This is quite an interesting question. There is no direct competition between Infor and Oracle right now, but Oracle is still ahead, just based on size. The truth is they are working in different parts of the market, and Oracle is such a huge giant in the market that it would be difficult to fight. However, Infor is backed by some very important people with a lot of experience in the cloud industry. For instance, take Mary Trick. In her role as CCO, Charles Phillips, Infors CEO, relies on her being mistress of every situation. CEO, Charles Phillips, is very experienced in the industry, but he is not the only important person at Infor. The entire management team is experienced and although they are not focused on competing with Oracle, eventually, it is possible that Oracle will be surpassed. That is simply because Infor is now focused solely on cloud technology as opposed to Oracle that still relies a lot on hardware and software.

The Target Approach

What is very important is to understand the differences between Oracle and Infor when referring to the target audience. You can so easily see that there is a clear difference in approach between the two. Oracle is always focused on getting the really large corporations as clients. Infor is not interested in that. In fact, Infor is now mainly interested in small to medium sized companies.

The really important thing to understand is that small companies are very important in business. They do have a power that is similar to that of the large corporations when looking at all the companies on the market. Practically, this means that you make a great decision when you choose to work with many small companies as opposed to a few large ones.

The Evolution Of Offered Services

One of the clear indicators that a company is growing and doing more business on a constant basis is how much money is put into services offered and development. Unfortunately, it is quite common to see that businesses remain focused on the same products. They simply do all they can in order to get more clients for the same products. This is what Oracle did for years. Infor took a much different approach.

Infor is really effective because it does not focus solely on getting new clients. It also does all it can to improve the services offered for their current customers. This can have a really huge effect in business. The company basically helps customers to grow. This means they will become stronger in the future.

Charles Phillips

Currently, there is no direct competition between Infor and Oracle and the only sector they will meet is the retail clients industry. Unfortunately for Oracle, Infor is way ahead of the curve, offering highly specialized services for the retail market, with cloud applications that are specifically designed for them. Charles Phillips’ choice of customizing to suit the industry and client gives his company an advantage over his much larger competitor.

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