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Whenever you hear the word ‘testosterone’, the first thing that your brain conjures up is aggression. But the University of Bonn recently revealed that testosterone is the often-misunderstood hormone which can actually foster honest interactions and social behavior. It goes without mentioning that testosterone is one of those most important male hormones which are responsible for maintenance and development of the key attributes in men. Women too produce testosterone but in negligible amounts.

How Testosterone Impacts The Body

A male body starts producing testosterone almost 7 weeks after conception and the levels start to rise during puberty and they reach their peak levels during the later teen years and gradually they level off. Post 30 years, it is natural that the levels of testosterone will decrease every year. Learn more on how to boost your testosterone levels in case there’s lack of production in your body. Here are the ways in which this hormone impacts your body.

  • Endocrine System: The endocrine system of the body comprises of glands which manufacture hormones. You must have studied about the hypothalamus which is situated in the brain and which prompts the pituitary gland to produce a certain level of testosterone. This gland then sends message directly to the testicles and majority of this hormone is created in the testicles and small amount is produced in adrenal glands.
  • Reproductive System: Post 7 weeks of conception, it is this hormone testosterone which helps in forming of the make genitals. During poverty, the production of this hormone is at its highest level and hence the penis and testicles grow in size. They even lead to a steady supply of sperm every day. Men who have reduced levels of testosterone might suffer from erectile dysfunction or ED. Men who have breast or prostate cancer should never opt for testosterone replacement therapy.
  • Sexuality: During a man’s puberty age, increased levels of testosterone boost the growth of testicles, pubic hair and penis. The void starts hoarsening and body hair and muscles grow. Then comes the increased sexual desire. A man with plummeted levels of testosterone might lose his desire for sex. If the person engages in any kind of sexual activity or sexual stimulation, this will raise the levels of testosterone.
  • Hair and skin: As a man moves from his childhood and enters his adulthood, the levels of testosterone increase the growth of hair on the genital areas, the armpits and the face. Hair can also grow on legs, arms and chest. Men might lose body hair if they have falling testosterone levels. They can use testosterone gel or patches but they might cause skin irritation. You should make sure you never transfer testosterone from someone’s skin to another.

As far as testosterone therapy is concerned, studies show that there are always conflicting results. Before you take the plunge into testosterone replacement therapy, make sure you consult your doctor and speak to him about all sorts of medical conditions that you have.

testosterone. Image by MARIO OLAYA from Pixabay
testosterone. Image by MARIO OLAYA from Pixabay
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