The Importance of Proper PROs and PROMs in the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry

In recent times, patients have become increasingly prioritised when it comes to research related to health and clinical care to improve the patients’ overall experience and make sure that health and clinical care research is more valuable and robust, especially when it comes to the use of therapy, health services, or medical products. This is one major reason why PROs, or patient-reported outcomes, PROMs, or patient-reported outcome measures, and PPI, or patient and public involvement initiatives are given more importance in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

PROs provide reports directly from the patients in regards to their health, life quality, and functional condition associated with treatment or health care they have received, and PROMs serve as valuable instruments in the reporting of PROs.

High-quality care for patients

In order for patients to receive the highest quality care, they would need to provide information on how they feel, what symptoms they may have, and what effects they may be experiencing in regards to a particular medication or treatment. Thanks to PROs, the medical and pharmaceutical industry has more knowledge on clinical and patient outcomes, and these PROs have also played a big role in research related to drug development. The pharma industry, in particular, has recognised the premium importance of taking PROs into consideration along with other markers of improvement.

Nowadays, since increased attention has been given to patients through PROs, other initiatives have sprung up, especially PPI (patient and public involvement) in the UK.


A patient-reported outcome is a direct report by a patient, with their response not being interpreted by a medical expert or clinician. This report gives details on the health of the patient, their life quality, and their functional condition or status related to medical treatment or care. PROs can be measured in exact terms; for example, a rating of the patient regarding pain severity. PROs have another function of reporting changes from a prior measure, which can include, for instance, sudden nausea after a new drug has been administered. With PROs, medical experts can be provided with a more holistic outcome or interpretation for a new drug. For instance, if a new drug has performed well in a clinical setting, PROs may indicate that some patients may experience side effects under it. PROs allow for a medical research approach that is more centred on the patient.


PROMs are the instruments or tools that can be used to measure patient-related outcomes. Tools such as questionnaires completed by patients are a good example of PROMs, as are instruments which measure patients’ quality of life, functionality, symptoms, and personal experiences related to health care.

Needless to say, accuracy and confidentiality are essential in PRO recordings, and proper PRO transcription services UK are a must. The significance of PROs and PROMs cannot be denied, and as such, they need to be done in the proper way.

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