December Stats from UK Again Show More COVID-19 Deaths in Fully Vaccinated

The latest official figures from the United Kingdom again show the vaccinated dying in much bigger number from COVID-19 than the unvaccinated.

COVID-19 deaths
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The Daily Exposé broke down the official stats from the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) in detail and reported that people fully vaccinated against COVID-19 account for 4 in every 5 COVID-19 deaths in England since August 2021. Additionally, 3 in every 5 COVID-19 hospitalizations are also among the vaccinated in England during the same time period.

Between 16 Aug 21 and 05 Dec 21 there were 3,070 Covid-19 deaths among the unvaccinated population in England, compared to 12,058 deaths among the vaccinated population during the same time frame. That is a 293% difference.

Despite the clearly high incidence of COVID-19 deaths among the vaccinated, the UKHSA includes a note in the tables showing the breakdown of deaths by vaccination status that reads: “This data should be interpreted with caution. See information below in footnote about the correct interpretation of these figures.” In the footnote, the agency seems to defend the apparent ineffectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines by stating that it is “expected” to have a large proportion of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in vaccinated individuals because “no vaccine is 100% effective” and many more people are vaccinated – claims that do not explain or support their defense of vaccines in the face of higher COVID mortality in the vaccinated.

Previous Stats of COVID-19 Deaths

The latest report comes as continuation of similar stats presented earlier by the UKHSA showing way more vaccinated people dying of COVID than unvaccinated.

Reporting on the story, The Gateway Pundit called it “Pandemic of The Vaccinated” and wrote:

The astronomical difference does not even include people who may have died of other causes related to taking the vaccine – which could be thousands in the UK alone.

The UKHSA continues to include selected, pro-vaccine studies that claim they have scientific data to show the vaccines are effective, but on closer look, the studies are frequently linked financially to the vaccine-manufacturing pharmaceutical companies.

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