How to Slim Down After Having a Baby

Pregnancy takes a toll on the female body. In an effort to be able to supply their unborn child with the environment, nutrients, and care it needs a woman’s body changes in many ways. One way it tends to change most is in weight. The extra pounds are a combination of the baby, water, and placenta present in the womb along with other factors like increased body fat for fetal comfort and added calories.

Once the baby has been delivered, however, not all of those extra pounds go away. It is only through diligence, planning, and healthy lifestyle choices that a woman is able to regain her ideal body weight.


If you’re able and open to the idea, breastfeeding has been known to help new mothers lose weight. When maintained with a proper diet, the mother burns calories while nursing her child creating an opportunity for a slimmer waistline at a faster rate than mothers who bottle feed.

Get Rest

This may sound impossible – especially if you’ve just had your baby, but getting enough rest is imperative to losing weight. It is at night that your body goes through a healing process in which it restores and replenishes strength to your muscles, bones, and vital organs. Try to get at least eight hours of sleep every night. If your baby doesn’t sleep that long, ask for assistance.

Burn Those Calories

You may be tempted to sit around all day after you’ve had a baby, but those pounds aren’t going to fall off. If you really want to slim down it is imperative that you get up and start burning those calories. This, essentially means incorporating exercise into your daily routine. If working out with a baby seems impossible, look for facilities like this Littleton, Colorado gym where there are child care services offered for free for one child to paying top tier members.

Make Healthy Food Choices

What you eat is just as important as working out if you’re going to slim down after pregnancy. Food is the fuel your body uses to function efficiently and maintain an ideal weight. The types of foods you eat could either work with or against your body in helping you to shed those extra pounds. Start moving away from processed foods and incorporating organic products like fruits, vegetable, flour, cereals, bread, dairy, protein, and more as these are better for you.

Give it Time

Just as her circumstances are unique, every woman’s body is different. What may take you months to accomplish may happen for someone else in a few weeks. Don’t be discouraged. Using the advice above and sticking to a healthy routine will pay off in the end. Pregnancy was a nine-month process that took a major toll on your body and it can take just that long, if not longer, to get back on track.

If you’ve recently given birth to a child and are ready to slim down, it is possible. You’ll need to get serious about making healthier decisions in your life. This includes getting rest, eating right, exercising regularly, and most importantly, giving yourself a realistic time to improve. If you’re not seeing results after several months of trying, consider talking with your doctor for further advice.

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