Residential pool safety guide – protect your children from accidents

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If you have children, then there are great chances you to know that around 500 children under the age of 15 drown in pools every year. This means that daily, more than one children die because the pools they have access to are not properly guarded. But, you can prevent this from happening, as a parent it is your role to make your house and yard safe for your children. The pool is not more dangerous than any other amenity you have, but the majority of people ignore to put it on the list of things they have to safeguard when they welcome a baby.

In order to prevent children from drowning you have to do more than teaching them to swim. The majority of accidents happen because kids get entrapped by pool drains, because they are electrocuted or because they experience any other similar accident. There are multiple ways to prevent an accident from happening, an adult should always supervise the children when they spend time near the pool, there should be installed safety barriers, the pools should be inspected regularly, and both the doors of the house and pool should feature alarms.

Here is your safety guide, make sure to read it.

Someone should always keep an eye on the pool

One of the persons who is home with the children should have the role of water watcher. Not a single safety measure can be considered a replacement for this one. It is important the person who supervises the children, while they are doing activities close to the pool to not let themselves easily distracted. A simple call or text message can distract their attention, and it can lead to an accident. In case there are more than one adults around the pool, together with the children, it is advisable to supervise the little ones in shifts. In order to maintain their focus on what they have to do, it is advisable the shifts to not be longer than 30 minutes.

When supervising children at the pool it is important to know that it does not happen as you see in movies, it is no calling for help and splashing. The children are quickly and silently drown to the bottom of the pool, and it may be too late when you notice that one of them is missing.

Teach the children to swim from a young age

In the majority of cases, parents consider that swimming is one of the most pleasant activities their children can have during the summer. In case you have a pool in the back of the house, this is one of the most successful ways to prevent them from drowning. Statistics show that the children who do not know how to swim have 70% more chances to drown. Also, parents should know that in case their children are missing, the first place where they should look for them is the swimming pool.

Install a fence around the pool

When it comes to installing a fence around the pool, it is important to note that some jurisdictions require it, even if you do not have children. It is the best way to prevent pets, animals and children from putting their life into danger. You may never know when one of your friends decides to come with their children for a visit, and the little ones consider that they should have a bath when no one is watching them.

As a parent, your first concern when having a child is to protect their life, and when it comes to your pool, you do not have to remove it and replace it with something else. Soon the children will benefit from it, they will learn to swim and they will love to organise activities around the pool. But until they are able to guard their safety when at the pool, you should check what options are on the market for removable fences. They come in numerous styles and are manufactured from multiple materials, therefore, they will fit the design of the house no matter what it would be.

You can use mesh covers and safety nets

This solution does not require a lot of time from your part to put it into practice. In case your family does not use the pool on a regular basis, and you have built it to enhance the entertainment levels, when you gather together with your friends, then you will consider this solution the best one. According to the model of a net or mesh cover you choose, the installation process should not take more than a day. Also, it is a more visually pleasing option, because it will not impact the surrounding landscape.

When you have children, the supplies for pool maintenance are essential. When it comes to safety nets, they are simply some of the best solutions to transform the pool into a safe place for children, because they will not be able to go through it, under it, or over it in order to reach the water.

Install door alarms

The pool is not the only risk your children are exposing themselves to when they get out of the house without being supervised. Therefore installing a door alarm will help you know when they leave the house. Even if you have a fence, or a pool cover, you should consider installing this safety measure, because it has a distinct sound and you will not miss it. In case the pool can be accessed from a single door of the house, it should feature an alarm with a distinct sound, because you need to find immediately that they put themselves to danger. Kids are curious, and it is understandable that they will try to check the surroundings of the house, especially if they know that they are not allowed there. Many accidents happen because children follow their pets and when they are young of age, you will be surprised to find out that they can get through a pet door.

Another type of alarm you can install is a pool alarm. When a movement is detected in the water because someone or something has fallen in, a distinct sound will notify you.

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