Learn How to Have A Rental Property Properly Cleaned After You Evict A Hoarder

When you own a rental property that is inhabited by a hoarder, it can create a lot of health issues that need to be addressed before you can rent the property again. Hoarders do not always take care of the property that they are renting. Water damage and mold growth are common in many homes with hoards and there are even times when drug labs are found inside of them. Learn what to do after evicting a hoarder in the following guide.

Properly Protect Yourself Before Going into the Home

Before you go into the home, put on a pair of gloves, a breathing mask, a pair of goggles, and a pair of work boots. You want to protect your body from coming into contact with anything growing or living in the home. You will not be able to see what you are stepping on or what is growing in the home. Avoiding mold spores and touching filth is important.

Remove the Hoard from the Home

Remove everything from the home so that it can be properly inspected. Take the hoard that is removed to the local landfill so that you can dispose of everything at once. Some smaller transfer stations do not handle the disposal of furniture or appliances. If a drug lab cleanup is needed, you need to hire professionals to ensure that it is done safely. Many of the items used to create a drug lab are highly flammable and dangerous to move around.

Have the Home Inspected

Hire a technician to come to your home to evaluate how bad the situation is. You need to know if there is any water damage or mold growing in the home. The technician will have the tools needed to detect the issues in the home that are visible to the naked eye and those that may be lying under the floors or behind the drywall.

Get an Estimate for the Repairs

Once the technician discovers all of the problem areas in the home, they can let you know what will need to be done to address them. An estimate can be given for the cost of remediation of the areas, as well as treatment to ensure that there are no long-term issues that come from the problems that were discovered during the inspection.

Have the Home Repaired

Once all of the harmful damage has been removed from the home, you can have contractors come in and replace walls or flooring that was damaged by the mold or water damage. This will ensure that the new items that are installed will last as long as they can and will not be exposed to the mold that was growing in the home before it was remediated.

Once the home has been repaired, you can start to add different organizational elements to make sure that future tenants are able to keep the home well organized. You will not want to have to go through the same situation again in the future. It is important to check on your rental property on a regular basis to make sure that the tenants are taking care of the property well and so that you can evict them before the house becomes dilapidated again. As the property owner, you have a right to check to make sure that the property is being properly maintained, but you need to make sure that you follow the law when it comes to checking on your property.

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