Portland Community College Bribing People to Get COVID Shots

The leftist agenda of vaccinating people by hook or by crook is playing out in full force at the leftist schools in various states. Accordingly, the Portland Community College (PCC) in Portland, Oregon, is offering people visa gifts cards if they come to the college and get their COVID-19 shots.

On its website, the Portland Community College announced that it is hosting a COVID-19 vaccine clinic on October 13 from 3 pm to 7 pm at its Southeast Campus. The post by Amy Bader says that the clinic will administer the Pfizer vaccine for anyone aged 12 or older that comes to get the shot.

The vaccine is free, and no proof of insurance, identification or appointments are required.

The post does not mention what safety issues the clinic will have in place for those who develop an injury or reaction to the vaccine or whether it will pay for the cost of treatment of the victim in case of such an incident at the clinic. However, the event announcement makes an interesting offer to entice people – money. The college will be gifting visa gift cards to all recipients of their shots at the clinic, valued either $50 or $100, depending on the number of the shot they take at the clinic.

Those receiving their first vaccine will get a $100 Visa gift card and a $50 gift card will be provided for their second dose.

The offer also extends to those vaccinated people who bring to the event any family or friends to get them vaccinated at the college’s clinic.

Bribing people with money in form of gift cards has been tried multiple times by establishment-leaning businesses and organizations to lure people into getting the controversial COVID-19 shots. What Amy Bader includes in her post for the Portland Community College, however, is misleading information and claims of safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.

Misleading Information in Portland Community College Post

Bader claims, for example, that the CDC says that the COVID vaccine reduces the spread of the disease. As early as April, CDC director claimed this and was immediately contradicted by the CDC itself. Talking about the vaccinated, CDC told media, “The evidence isn’t clear whether they can spread the virus to others.”

Additional misinformation included in Bader’s post on the Portland Community College website includes statistics of the so-called breakthrough cases of COVID 19 – that is vaccinated people getting the disease. The post linked to the stats of Oregon Health Authority (OHA) where the definition of “unvaccinated” also wrongly includes those who have received one doze of a COVID vaccine but not both. Thus statistics are manipulated to include partially vaccinated people in the category “unvaccinated” so as to inflate the number.

The PCC post claims without evidence that the COVID vaccines are safe and effective. Bribing people to get the vaccine makes sense when seen in the context of the misleading information, part of the corporate-political agenda of the left.

Another important but somewhat easy-to-miss misinformation in the Portland Community College event post is that it claims the vaccine is free. While people may be getting the vaccine at no cost, except that of the risk to their health and safety, the vaccine industry is not providing the shots free of cost to the people. The government and organizations buy the vaccine doses from the pharmaceuticals like Pfizer. In other words, people’s tax money or donations are paying for the shots.

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