Denver Cop Crippled after Pfizer Shot

Taking the Pfizer shot against COVID 19 can leave the recipient crippled, as happened to a Denver cop who had to take the jab to keep his job.

Fox News reported on the 1st of October that Denver cop Jose Manriquez was ordered to take the COVID vaccine as part of the vaccine mandate of his department. Manriquez and his attorney told Fox News that the police officer became sick right after taking the first Pfizer shot and is now unable to walk.

Denver cop pfizer shot
Screenshot @ BitChute

The video of Fox’s interview segment with the vaccine-injured officer and his attorney was posted to BitChute.

What Pfizer Shot Did to the Denver Cop

The fundraiser page, set up by the sister of the vaccine-injured officer, tells a bit about the reaction caused by the vaccine.

After receiving his vaccine my brother has developed severe tremors, he has trouble sleeping due to the amount of pain in his legs, he can’t walk without the worry of falling due to his legs giving out and has actually fallen a number of times.

As seen in the video interview on Fox, Manriquez said he was told by the doctor his disability was most likely caused by the vaccine. Manriquez’s attorney expressed his frustration over the doctor’s hesitancy in accepting the vaccine injury that left his client crippled.

Leftist Media’s Blackout on the Story

While Fox News, a mainly right-leaning channel, is the only mainstream media source that reported on the story, the leftist mainstream media categorically blacked out on it, apparently to protect the COVID vaccination campaign from negative publicity that could possibly result from the injury it caused in the Denver cop. The Fox News video of the interview was posted in the news section of search engines Yahoo and msn. On the other hand, right-wing news site The Gateway Pundit posted the story as well as included a link to the fundraising page for Officer Manriquez to support his family through the crisis caused by the Pfizer shot.

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