Retired Lawyer Openly Embraces Enhanced Drugs

Enhanced is a documentary on the bodybuilding community, as reported by retired lawyer and bodybuilder Anthony Hughes. Generation Iron partnered with Hughes to make the documentary and reports that Enhanced, released March 8, 2019, hit the top 3 on digital documentary charts. It’s also hit the top 10 on indie charts.

Dr. Tony Huge

The documentary follows Anthony Hughes, who openly injects steroids into various parts of his body and admits to testing a diverse cocktail of performance-enhancing drugs to achieve his superhuman shape. Hughes goes by the name Dr. Tony Huge and purports that steroids are the next logical step in human evolution.

His company, Enhanced Athlete, sells steroids and steroid cocktails that Hughes says he has tested on his own and other people’s bodies. Enhanced documents the criminal and civil cases against Hughes and his supplement venture. Hughes is a captivating spokesman who states that the government has conspired against individuals like himself who want to prove that steroids are healthy. He believes that the correct use of illegal steroids, when used properly, is essential to a healthy lifestyle.

Enhanced Athlete Tony Huge

Hughes, a millionaire and retired lawyer from Sacramento, California, has shocked the Bodybuilding community with his blunt, controversial and honest portrayal of the performance-enhancing drug culture. In visually shocking footage, Hughes is seen injecting himself in the chest, arms and buttocks. Viewers also get an uncensored view of his polygamous relationships and penchant for professional sex workers and ladyboys.

“My alternative sexual and relationships lifestyle is a tool to show the world that we do not have to lie about our secret desires. We do not have to conform to the culture we are born into. The key is to search one’s soul for one’s purpose and passion and explore it proudly and honestly. Chances are there are other people out there not as courageous. We open the possibility for others to find and explore their purpose and passion without regret or apology,” said Hughes.

Anabolic TV

Hughes and many other bodybuilders share their cycles and dosage as well as other advice on steroid usage on Anabolic TV. He believes that steroids are the answer to transcending mediocrity and disease. Hughes says that he wants to educate the public that they are being poisoned by companies and government entities they trust.

“This is the opportunity to educate and awaken the public to demand their medical freedom, freedom of speech and freedom of access to uncensored educational materials so that we, the public, can make decisions in our own best interest,” Hughes emphasizes.

Curious viewers can obtain the documentary on iTunes, Amazon Prime, Vimeo and other sites. Netflix is currently reviewing the controversial film. Generation Iron has stated that the movie has exceeded their expectations. The increasing popularity of the film may reveal a groundswell of approval from like-minded athletes who’ve been waiting for someone to champion their lifestyle.

What’s Next?

Hughes may soon find himself on the Reality TV show, where a voyeuristic audition is sure to enjoy his freedom fight–as well as his unusual drug, ravel, and relationship adventures.

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