Online Dating Statistics

Traditional dating isn’t as nearly as common as some may believe. People are now looking toward technology from sites like W4M Maps to help them find connections. This may lead some to wonder just how many people are looking for romance online and forgoing searching for a casual encounter or relationship in the usual way.

Number of Users

One site alone has 23.5 million users and is continuing to grow. The site has a high success rate using their algorithm. Not everyone who visits online dating sites just wants a casual fling. Some individuals are looking for a serious relationship. One site is actually responsible for four percent of marriages. Another site has more than three million messages going back and forth between users each day.

Number of Sites

Surprisingly, people may only know about a select few dating sites, over 7, 500 sites exist on the web. More than 2, 500 of them are U.S-based while the other 7, 000 are from all over the world.

Thoughts on Online Dating

While people were very skeptical when the concept of online dating and hooking up arose, it’s becoming more and more of a common practice. People live busy lives and often have very little time outside of their job and other responsibilities to actually have time to mingle. They also don’t want the hassle of talking to strangers in a bar who they eventually realize they have nothing in common with. With that being said, 49 million individuals — and counting — admit to using an online dating site at least one time in their lives. Moreover, 59 percent of individuals surveyed in one poll believed dating online is an excellent way to meet people. Apparently, cost is a factor when it comes to online dating. Depending on the membership fee of the dating site selected, people might be paying significantly less on online dating than actually going out to meet people. Individuals don’t have to pay for the price of new clothes to go out or the expense of a ride-share service if you want to drink and want to be safe. They also don’t have the expense of gas or the amount of money they may spend on buying someone drinks or food. Despite the fact that they could save money by meeting someone online, the companies who run online dating services are making billions from online daters.

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