What Is the Point of AA Meetings?

Is AA Right You?

AA meetings were created by Bill Wilson in 1935 for any individual that suffered from alcoholism. The meetings are based around a 12 step program that helps you as an alcoholic to restore the life you once had with forgiveness, apologies and knowledge of your disease. At the meetings, you are given the opportunity to share your story with others in the room, as well as the chance to express your thoughts about the program itself. For newcomers, you have the opportunity to get a sponsor which is someone who is there for you to call and meet with whenever you feel your about to relapse or make any type of bad decision related to your addiction.

The Importance of the 12 Steps

The 12 steps were created for you to help yourself reevaluate mistakes caused by alcoholism and to help you learn to forgive yourself as well as others. Although you may feel as if certain steps cannot be accomplished, there is no time limit to the 12 steps. Everything can be completed in your own time, without the hassle of others trying to rush your sobriety. Certain steps that are extremely helpful to you and your sobriety are listed down below.:

  • Step 1- ” We admitted to ourselves we were powerless over alcohol.” Step one is the most important step as you must admit you have a problem before seeking help.
  • Step 8- “Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.” Apologizing to all the people you have harmed due to your alcohol addiction is the most difficult but rewarding accomplishment.
  • Step 12- : “Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to others, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.” Having a spiritual awakening from completing the 12 step program is a reward that will change your entire perspective on life.

Who Should Join AA?

If you or anyone you know is suffering from alcohol addiction, AA is a great way to seek further knowledge about alcoholism and how AA can be a positive part of your life. Even if you have not taken the first step in becoming sober, AA is a great way to show yourself the positive side to sobriety and why you should start on your journey to the 12th step. Although AA is not for everyone due to the social aspects, it is certainly a positive step to go to your first meeting and see if it is suitable for you and your sobriety.

Listening to the People of AA

Everyone that attends AA meetings brings a new story and lessons for you to learn from. Although it may seem invaluable at the moment, at some point in time that story will come back to you in various ways. Take the time to listen to the lessons they learned the hard way and how they overcame situations they thought they would never get out of. It will help give you faith in yourself that you are not as lost as you think you are and the wisdom to understand why these lessons are valuable towards your sobriety.

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