Australia Battling New Zealand Over Manuka Honey Rights

New Zealand and Australia started to fight because of rights associated with Manuka honey naming. The UK Trade Mark Registry decided that Kiwis can trademark this term because the name “Manuka” is a Maori term that is used for the tree responsible for the highly beneficial honey. In the process, Manuka honey price is growing due to the controversy.

In a response to the decision by the Trade Mark Registry, the Australian Manuka Honey Association responded by saying that this decision is unfair. The association already hired lawyers to fight this new trademark attempt. It was highlighted that the Australian producers have to be able to utilize the term due to the fact that the country is a base for over 80 Manuka species. In New Zealand only one exists.

Australian Manuka Honey Association declared that Manuka honey produced in the country has really high antibacterial activity levels, claiming that the species that exists in New Zealand is one that just migrated originally from Tasmania.

According to official procedures, there is time for parties interested in the trademark to object to the official ruling. In New Zealand the Manuka honey is obtained through bees that pollinate native Manuka bushes. The advocates promoting this type of honey praise its numerous health benefits and the popularity of Manuka is constantly growing.

Why Are People Fighting Over Manuka Honey?

Honey has been utilized ever since ancient times, to treat various conditions. Only during the nineteenth century scientists discovered the antibacterial qualities and proved them. Regular honey is useful since it protects against bacteria caused damage, among many other things.

Contrary to what many think, there are many different types of honey and numerous differences appear between them. Honey’s antibacterial quality depends a lot on type and the way in which it is harvested. Some honey kinds will be a lot stronger than others.

Manuka Honey

It should not be surprising to see Australia and New Zealand fighting for the name of Manuka honey. People from all around the world started to look for the product since it is basically the best type of honey available at the moment, with the most antibacterial properties and the best ingredients.

Various honey types, including the discussed Manuka, include extra components that have a high antibacterial power. For instance, the content of MG (methylglyoxal) is really high. This is a compound naturally seen in most honey types but in Manuka it is found in much higher quantities. The MG found in Manuka honey comes from dihydroxyacetone, which is abundantly present in manuka flower nectar.

While waiting to see who gets the trademarks, the result of the dispute could set a powerful precedent for Manuka trademarks around the world. While Australian producers currently dominate the market, New Zealand products are becoming more popular. The decision by UK authorities can shift the balance between New Zealand and Australia.

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