Advice For Buying Tough, Long-Term Gear

If you plan on buying tough, long-term gear, then your shopping experience is going to be a little bit different than a typical excursion. You’re going to spend more time worrying about quality, and less time worrying about quantity and style.

For long-term gear, military issue clothing is the way to go. Beyond that, make sure to buy weatherproof bags and backpacks, try to avoid anything that seems like it’s on some exceptional sale, and think more about the environment than style when it comes to making your final purchases.

Military Issue Clothes

When you buy military-issue clothes, you’re typically going to get the best, most long-term care available. Military and survivalist situations require that pants, shirts, boots, and all other equipment are up to snuff as far as quality control. There is a difference between true military gear and fake military gear, it’s up to you to discern if those differences are something that you are willing to accept, or if you want to go for the genuine article. Genuine military issue clothes will either come from military bases or army surplus stores.

Weatherproof Bags

If you’re planning on buying road-ready gear, then purchasing a weatherproof backpack is going to be one of your more valuable items. It needs to be constructed in a way that is rain proof, dirt proof, use proof, and it also has to be sewn together or attached in a way that there will never be any rips, tears, or any other equipment malfunction. The last thing you need is for your main bug out bag to rip as you’re escaping some situation. A good backpack is an investment, so pay what you need to to get the quality you deserve.

Avoid Low-Quality Sales

One thing to pay attention to concerning buying long-term care is the budget. You don’t want to look for items on sale. Instead, you want to find the best quality there is available, and save up enough until you can buy it. Items that are on sale can have quality issues, which is why you don’t even want that to be part of your equation.

Don’t Worry Too Much About Style

Some people appreciate military style. There are different kinds of camouflage, and there are different kinds of patterns for various environments. However, if your primary intention is to buy gear that is going to last and harsh situations, you need to worry more about the type of material is made out of, and less about appearance. Function and features have to be a higher priority than aesthetics if you’re going to create your ideal preferences.

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