Syria Back in Arab League

In a political blow to the American establishment, the Arab League has reinstated Syria to the organization after more than a decade of suspension.

Arab League
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Syria’s Return to Arab League

As reported on, the Arab League suspended Syria’s membership in 2011 in the context of the political and peace situation in the country and region back then. The involvement of the US/West under the Obama-Biden administration via military and financial support of anti-government rebels to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had a key role in creating that scenario. With active Russian support, this long attempt filled with violence for regime change was defeated by Syria.

As the political landscape shifted over the years, with the Biden administration in power in the United States, Arab countries led by Saudi Arabia have started distancing themselves from their political alliance with the west. In March 2022, a breakthrough in the Syria-Arab League relations was reported when President Assad visited UAE to meet the country’s leadership and normalize relations. A few months prior, UAE’s foreign minister had visited Syria and met Assad. The Biden administration had expressed unhappiness at the breakthrough.

One year down the road, China brokered a groundbreaking peace deal between sworn political foes Saudi Arabia and Iran, paving the way for establishing peace in the Middle East. With Iran a key ally of Syria, it was anticipated that the peace deal would facilitate normalizing of ties between the two sides. On Sunday (May 7, 2023), diplomats from the Arab League met in Cairo to unanimously voted for reinstating Syria to the league.

Biden Admin Not Happy

The Gateway Pundit reported that the U.S. officials are unhappy with this new development in the Middle East and are “whining like a transgender school girl.” The article’s author opines:

It is now clear that a key element of U.S. foreign policy during the past 13 years was to foment civil war in countries where U.S. leaders wanted a leadership change.

On social media, the Biden administration was mocked in memes for whining over Syria’s return to the Arab League.

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