The Rise or Fall of Popular World Currencies

Right now, like many other things, Bitcoin is a currency that most investors of the modern age are interested in. At least that applies to those tech-savvy investors who understand the true value of a currency that can’t be seen or touched physically.

Aside from Bitcoin, there are plenty of other digital currencies following the trend set by the now major player in the currency game. You have such cryptocurrency forerunners as Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Stellar, which are all aiming to try and fill in the big footsteps that Bitcoin has put into place. By setting the bar high, it makes it so that the competition of currencies is fierce. Investors have plenty to choose from there. The population has been slowly but surely integrating cryptocurrency into their online purchases, and a digital wallet is also something that was once unheard of but is now a working concept.

The digital wallet is still a somewhat newer concept that a lot of Americans and citizens from all over the world are still trying to wrap their minds around the concept of. How to use this wallet that can’t be seen or held is something that even the modern consumer has a hard time accepting, let alone trusting. But just like cryptocurrency, which is a currency that you cannot actually physically see, there is still a marketplace for it. The whole point of cryptocurrency is to create a way to perform transactions in a fast and safe manner, so despite the fact that the benefits have proven to exist, it is still something that certain people are still trying to get behind. There is still hope for the technology and there are plenty of top minds actively finding ways in which the idea of a digital wallet can reach a wider audience. That way, investors will be able to get more on board with the idea of investing in this new way of buying and selling currency.

The Iraqi dinar is the currency used in Iraq. It is one of the top currencies that traders trade with, as far as physical currencies go. Investors certainly have their eye on it for good reason due to the Iraqi dinar value showing major promise of improvement in recent years. Introduced into circulation as an official currency back in 1932, the Iraqi dinar replaced the previous country’s currency. Iraq’s official currency was once the Indian rupee, which had been their mode of value for transactions since the British occupied the country during the first World War. At that time, one dinar equaled eleven rupees. That was quite a difference at the time and the Iraqi dinar has certainly improved since.

Along with other investments, the currency is a great example of something that can and will see improvement as long as the country that they are associated with are also experiencing favorable economic conditions going into the future. Surprisingly, the US dollar (USD) is one currency that makes the list of a favorable physical currency to invest in. Back in 2018, investors were shocked and pleased to find that the US dollar saw a pretty high improvement.

The second on the list would have to be the Australian dollar (AUD), which many investors would argue is a very smart investment. Yes, they took a hit back in 2015, but they are not a currency to be discounted for in an event that happened years ago. Their economy is booming and there has been a pretty steady upswing in this particular currency’s value. The New Zealand dollar (NZD) had a similar hit back in 2015 as the AUD did, yet they too are still a highly invested currency. Following the Australian dollar would be the Swiss franc (CHF), which is the sixth most traded currency.

The future of currency trading and investing is still bright. There is definitely a sort of experimental phase going on when it comes to cryptocurrencies, but at the same time, investing in new concepts is, in itself, not a new concept. The popularity of digital currencies is likely to only grow as the general populace begins to embrace the new technology. Physical currencies, like the Iraqi dinar, the US dollar, and the Australian dollar will likely have their place among the more wise investors.

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