Zelensky Almost Started World War 3 with a Lie

The globalist mainstream media that has been working as a propaganda platform for Ukraine’s neo-Nazi regime took a big hit last week when they published the false claim about Russia firing missiles into Poland. It didn’t go well for the US-NATO alliance and now they are hiding from the embarrassment.

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The original claim that two missiles landing in Poland’s border town with Ukraine and killing two Polish villagers were fired by Russia was so lame that it didn’t take more than 24 hours to be debunked. Even Poland acknowledged the next day that the missiles were “likely” fired by Ukraine.

But the political alarm over a possible World War between Russia and NATO was heard around the world immediately after the incident, which led to an emergency meeting of NATO leadership for appropriate response to the incident. Realizing that the indicators pointed to Ukraine and not Russia, the NATO leaders quickly assumed a silence of embarrassment. Meanwhile, Ukrainian dictator Vladimir Zelensky repeated his false claim a few times before toning it down and expressing uncertainty over who fired the missiles into Poland.

“I don’t know what happened this time. We do not know for a 100%, ” Zelensky conceded on Thursday.

The initial blame of Zelensky and NATO-aligned media blaming Russia for the potential war-triggering incident was slammed by many as a deliberate attempt to start the next World War. Conservative commentator and journalist Matt Walsh called Zelensky “one of the most dangerous psychopaths on the planet right now.”

In an article published by the Ron Paul Institute, Andrew Korybko called out Zelensky for lying to the world to provoke a war.

The Ukrainian leadership was well aware of what happened but decided to propagate the most dangerous conspiracy theory in history in an attempt to literally spark World War III.

The Associate Press that published Zelensky’s false claim about the missiles landing in Poland has now retracted the story as reported on CNBC.

Subsequent reporting showed that the missiles were Russian-made and most likely fired by Ukraine in defense against a Russian attack. AP retracted the article.

The New York Post reported that AP has fired the reporter, James LaPorta, who was responsible for the story now retracted.

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