Mongolia is a Pleasantly Surprising Vacation Destination

Travelers today are increasingly looking to go off the beaten path and explore exotic vacation destinations. Mongolia might not be an obvious choice to some, but it provides surprisingly excellent vacation options. Many people are happy to find that there are exciting festivals and beautiful scenery to take in when visiting this beautiful country.


Whether it’s by hiking, horseback riding, or road tripping, there are many ways to experience Mongolia’s national parks and deserts. Visitors also enjoy trekking in Mongolia through the beautiful and rugged snow capped mountains and glaciers. Sightseers can see wildlife in their natural habitat, including mountain goats, big-horn sheep, gazelles, black vultures, and wolves.

Mongolia is also home to many beautiful structures and historic monasteries. Visitors enjoy how they can easily go from seeing sand dunes and snow capped mountains to beautiful and historic structures all in one trip. It’s often not until people start researching unique vacation destinations that they realize all that Mongolia has to offer.


Vacationers who enjoy the thrill of a competition love to take in the Golden Eagle Festival. During the festival, hunters compete and show off the skills of their golden eagles. The festival also includes ceremonies and a parade; it’s a great way to experience the culture of Mongolia in a festive atmosphere.

Another unique experience is the Khovsgol Ice Festival, which is as cold as it is beautiful. Visitors gather to watch horse-sled races and ice rally-diving on a frozen lake.


Another popular option for tourists is the fully immersive experience of living in a Mongolian tent with the nomads. The best way to learn about and understand a different culture is to truly experience that culture. Travelers who take part in immersive experiences often say that they are fundamentally changed by the experience. This is again a surprisingly amazing vacation option and something that can have a bigger impact than a typical touristy vacation.

Image by jacqueline macou from Pixabay

Many visitors to Mongolia also find peace and restoration from staying at a Buddhist monastery. It’s not the first thing that comes to mind when people think “vacation,” but visitors find that it truly helps them to relax in a way that a typical trip to a beach does not.

Even though it is not a typical vacation spot, Mongolia actually has more to offer, including many unique experiences.

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