philip kapneck attends embassy night 2013

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Philip Kapneck, Maryland’s Trade Ambassador, is to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of Embassy Night in October 2013. The World Trade Center Institute, Legg Mason and the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development host the event. Business leaders, executives, Ambassadors and senior Embassy representatives attend the VIP dinner each year. Many people acquainted with Philip Kapneck know him as Ambassador Philip Kapneck: A Gentleman and A Statesman.

Kapneck was appointed Maryland Trade Ambassador by Maryland Governor Mandel in the 1970s, and he moved to Brussels, Belgium, to achieve the State’s business development goals. The aim was to attract European business and industry to the State of Maryland.

Governor Mandel’s International Department was well ahead of other States, in sending a representative to Europe to locate and bring companies and jobs to Maryland.

After achieving outstanding success and recognition for his highly regarded work, Philip Kapneck was also sought out by the Federal Government to help the “Invest in the USA” program in Europe.

Philip Kapneck’s work in helping companies to bring business and industry to the States is ongoing. He has maintained the post of Maryland Trade Ambassador for more than 30 years. After working in different parts of the world to attract business and industry to the United States, he is now based in Maryland.

philip kapneck and diplomatic corps at embassynight

Philip Kapneck and the Diplomatic Corps

Philip Kapneck is very well known and popular with the Diplomatic Corps, and the 25th Anniversary Embassy Night will be another celebration with his International colleagues, business leaders and Ambassadors.

At last year’s Embassy Night, Germany, the largest economy in Europe, was featured for the partnership with Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport. That lead to two milestone events in July. The first milestone was the airport handling 2.22 million passengers, a record. The second came when Condor Airlines (Germany) chose the airport for its new mid-Atlantic hub, featuring direct nonstop flights between Baltimore and Frankfurt.

Speakers are an important part of Embassy Night, and Doug Guthrie, dean of George Washington University School of Business, spoke at the 2012 event, about the role of universities in the new global economy. Guthrie said “We’re coming out of the economic crisis, and we feel like it’s revving up again, though we still have unemployment of 8%. The problem is that there is tremendous dislocation.” [ see ]

More information about Philip Kapneck can be found on the official Trade Ambassador Kapneck website.


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