Want to Love Your Job? Get Passionate About Nonprofits

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You intend to work, sure, but if you are not thrilled at spending day after day in a gray cubicle, working overtime to line some executive’s pocket, then ask yourself a few questions, and think about another option. Are you passionate? Is there a certain cause that deeply excites you? Do you like being around other inspired people? If so, then consider the world of nonprofits. You might be surprised.

A Few Reasons to Love Nonprofits

Depending upon your personality, working at a nonprofit might be just the thing that gets your heart racing each morning. Benefits can include:

  • Going to work for a nonprofit is often like joining a family.
  • The people working there are like-minded with a shared passion.
  • Dress codes are often relaxed, and individual personalities are welcomed.

However, benefits like these do not mean that nonprofit employees have it easy and do not work hard. Sometimes schedules can go beyond typical work days and include nights, weekends, and holidays. What makes the difference at a nonprofit, however, is that you truly believe in what you are doing, and so do all the people around you with whom you work every day. Therefore, work is not so much drudgery as time spent with your passion. How can that not be a worthwhile investment?

Managing Your Passion

If you want to be in charge, you can even manage a nonprofit. When you earn a higher management degree, especially a Master of Public Administration, you can be eligible to manage nonprofits, among other organizations. In the past decade, it has been common to see news reports about the continual growth of the nonprofit sector. People are becoming aware of the world around them, as well as its injustices. Nonprofits are stepping in to address and fill needs in many areas of interest, from the environment to wildlife to clean drinking water and eradicating AIDS to the arts.

Some studies even show that from the late 1990s to the late 2000s, nonprofits grew at twice the rate of private sector businesses. In accordance, nonprofits need managers who can understand the mission and interweave it with sound financial and growth strategies to ensure steady growth, funding, and thus an uninterrupted flow of service within its specialty.

The MPA prepares managers to steer nonprofits safely and surely into the future. Coursework for this degree often includes grant writing, administration, nonprofit governance, nonprofit finance and economics, and strategic management, especially for nonprofits. There are strong online programs offering the MPA such as University of Southern California. You can go online to learn more about USC’s online mpa degree.

Nonprofits and the Future

The best nonprofits combine good business practice, charity, and creativity to forge a synergy that inspires employees who work tirelessly and give the nonprofits energy, and the cycle continues, self-sustaining as long as the employees stay driven and passionate. If this sounds like the sort of work-and life-you would like to have, there is a nonprofit waiting for your individual gifts. If you develop a taste for wanting to be in charge of such a dynamic organization, then earning a Master of Public Administration can help prepare you to successfully steer your chosen nonprofit into the future.

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