How To Create A Yard Your Neighbors Will Envy

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When it comes to home care and maintenance it can be nice to be the envy of the neighbors. Since most of your neighbors are never going to set foot in your house it is important to make sure the outside of your house, and even your yard (front and back), are appealing. The grass is always greener on the other side, and wouldn’t it be nice if you were the one on the other side?

Getting your yard looking good isn’t going to be an easy thing. It may take a bit of work depending on how well you normally maintain it. Here are some tips to create an awesome yard even you’ll enjoy.

Manage Your Trees

The trees in your yard can’t just be ignored. Trees can get damaged by storms, and they can get old and die, and this makes them a risk for your home, garage, and vehicles in your driveway. If you have dead or dying trees it’s important to get them dealt with.

You also want to keep your healthy trees healthy. That means watching for bugs, rot, damage, and maybe even fertilizing them if they are young trees you’ve only planted recently.

Mow And Fertilize

Mowing and fertilizing your lawn are important things to do if you want to keep your yard looking lush and green. If you live in a dryer climate you may also want to consider investing in Gilmour sprinklers which will help keep your grass hydrating.

Take some time to learn what grass you have because different grass needs different care. Knowing this little detail will tell you how often to mow your lawn and how short to cut it.

Plant Some Flowers

Not everyone is into flowers and flower gardens, but they can add a lot of color to your yard. Even if you just put a line of them across the front of your house it can add a splash of eye-appealing color. If you don’t want to have to do a lot of work, like planting new flowers every year, opt for perennials that come back on their own.

Do Some Landscaping

You don’t have to have flowers in order to do a little landscaping. You could add a bush or two around your front porch, plant some flowering shrubs, or look into getting some fruit trees. You could also put some mulch (there are plenty of types to choose from) or stones around the bases of the trees, plants, and shrubs you do have.

Add Something Extra

This could mean putting in a pond or a fountain. It could mean building a nice deck to spend summers and cookouts on. It could even mean building an outdoor brick oven to grill on.

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