Car Insurance in Norway

As much as drivers might hate the idea of insuring a car, the fact is, it’s a requirement and a must-have. The whole idea of insuring the vehicle is if there is a road accident, car repair will cost less because the insurance company will cover some or even all of the expenses, depending on the agreement set up with them. What’s more, if you are a victim, the insurance company also compensate for injuries the driver sustained. Below here are some good reasons why owners need to pay for car insurance.

  1. Peace of mind.

Even if driving very carefully and safely, sometimes another driver’s mistake on the road can cause a problem. But, with the right car insurance, drivers can feel confident they are protected even if another driver causes the accident.

  1. The car will be fixed no matter whose fault it is

Car repairs are very expensive; a single repair can cost thousands of dollars. However, when there is good car insurance cover, the insurance company takes all the responsibility for the repairs.

  1. It’s required by state law

The most obvious reason why everyone must have car insurance is that it’s a mandate by the law. However, every state has its own rules and regulations governing insurance.

  1. It protects the Car

Think of a scenario where the car is stolen or when an accident happens, and the car cannot be repaired. Depending on the agreement with the insurance company, compensation may be available. In that case, it saves the hassle and the money to spend to buy a new car.

  1. It can compensate for someone else in an accident the driver caused

Even the most careful driver may cause an accident. Having car insurance enables the party at fault to compensate the other party since the accident expenses will be covered by the insurance company.

Types of insurance in Norway

Norway is a great country to drive around, but before selecting an insurance for the car, first understand the 3 different types of car insurance in Norway.

  • Ansvar

This is the most basic form of insurance that covers the damage the car might cause, but it will not cover the car repairs. It’s generally referred to as a third party liability. The package will differ from one company to another.

  • Delkasko

This cover includes the third party liability and also covers the car in case of fire damage, theft, breakdown and in a scenario where the car windows are damaged.

  • Kasko

Kasko covers third party liability, fire damage, theft and accidents. It’s the most comprehensive car insurance in Norway. In case of an accident, the insurance will cover both the damage the car made and all the repairs that your car needs.


It’s always important to have car insurance, because you never know when an accident will happen. It will protect the driver and others in case of any accident on the road.

This story was prepared in cooperation with LocalMarket.

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