Antisemitism: The Correct Term is Jew-Hatred

Antisemitism is a word that must be retermed. Antisemitism is an excessively general subject to explain its core, used way too often wrongly in an inexplicable lexicon. Jew-hatred is the right term to use. It explains, in a language easy to understand, what Antisemitism is all about, which means hating the Jew just for being a Jew.

Since World War Two, Antisemitism has been buried deep in humanity’s bigotry closet. This behavior and the use of incendiary anti-Jew words became forbidden after the world ended the deeply unsettling vicious act of murdering 6 million Jews for being Jews – the Holocaust.

majdanek a single oven to burn as many jews at a time. this was jew-hatred.
In Majdanek Concentration Camp, a single oven to burn as many Jews at a time – the Jew hatred that lead to the Holocaust – Photo Credit Nurit Greenger.

Seventy five years since the Holocaust ended, Antisemitism escaped humanity’s bigotry closet. It has reared its ugly head in Europe, a continent now infested with Jew-hating Islamists behind whom the notorious European anti-Semites find the comfort to act. And Antisemitism has now reared its ugly head in the United States, settled in the House of Representatives among U.S. Congresspeople.

As a Jew, I see it my duty to be open about and stand strong against humanity’s genetic disease, Jew-hatred.

Admittedly, as a Jew, I simply do not get it. Why people hate my people, the Jewish people, who have done them no wrong, rather have done humanity so much good?

Being a Jew has a twofold meaning. It is being a follower of the Jewish religion and being a member of the Jewish Nation, the nation that was given birth by humanity’s Forefather Abraham and his wife, Foremother Sara and their descendants, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and Moses.

Being a Jew, wherever you live, has no relationship to being loyal to the country where you claim citizenship. However, being a Jew directly correlates to the State of Israel, the nation-state of the Jewish people. As a Jew, under the state’s ‘Law of Return,’ passed on 5 July 1950 to give all Jews the right to come and live in Israel, one can automatically become the state of Israel’s citizen, if one so chooses by making Aliya, meaning, emigrating to the Jewish state from where one resides.

Jew Hatred

There are Jews who deny being Jews. This phenomenon comes from either not understanding what it means to be a Jew or a way to escape being a member of a nation that has been under affront for centuries.

There are Jews who despise being Jews and become self-hating Jews, an inexplicable phenomenon that even the Bible tells about.

There are Jews who join or support groups that hate Jews and do work against Israel, the “Zionist Entity,” claiming their sentiments are not against Jews but the Jewish state. But holding hate for the Jewish homeland means they are against all Jews.

Then, there are those who are not Jewish but hate Jews, and they are everywhere. Persecution of Jews was a prevalent act during the two Jewish commonwealths, in the Land of Israel, perpetrated by various conquerors. Persecution, libels, expulsions, murderous attacks on Jews, Pogroms and finally the Holocaust are all part of Jewish history soaked with Jewish blood caused by Jew-hatred.

And now, with the establishment of modern Israel, since its birth, 72 years ago, the small country in the Middle East has had to defend herself from Islamo-Nazi-Arab Jew-hatred aggression.

That Jew-hatred has now metastasized. Jew-hatred has become a world trend; as the modern lexicon goes, it is “Mainstream.” It is no longer the KKK and their like dogma. It is expressed in the halls of the United Nations and in the law-fare war on Israel. It is the sound bites of politicians and is depicted by vandals who vandalize Jewish cemeteries with Swastika graffiti, telling us they hate even dead Jews. This is how deep it goes. Jew-hatred is trendy on university campuses around the world along which Jewish students are being attacked for being Jews. The above-mentioned acts attest to just a few Jew-hatred conducts.

In the U.S. House of Representatives, the Democrats have elected into their ranks the born Jew-hater Muslim Rashida Harbi Tlaib. This U.S. Representative for Michigan’s 13th congressional district since 2019, the first Muslim woman to serve in the Michigan legislature who is a very obvious Jew-hate. She celebrated her congressional win with a series of anti-Israel tweets and a series of Jew-hatred slurs and such conduct carries on as of this writing.

Take the Democrat Party, many of its members are Jews. They cannot bring themselves to condemn Ilhan Abdullahi Omar, originally from Somali, a Muslim Jew-hater, now serving as the U.S. Representative for Minnesota’s 5th congressional district, of which 40% are Jews. Wherever this Jew-hater was educated to hate Jews and Israel, for no rhyme or reason, must be investigated and its teaching must be cut at its roots.

Rep. Ilham Omar must be censured and if she does not end her Jew-hatred bluster she should be expelled from Congress.

The Democratic Caucus that controls the House of Representatives no longer see American Jews worthy of care, protection, even consideration. They are regarded by Democrats and their cohorts in the media and other forums as Caucasian oppressors. According to Rep Omar Jews can be accused of “dual loyalties” and as craven manipulators – pointing at AIPAC’s work – using money to buy support from non-Jews, a classic libel used for centuries to justify persecution and even extermination of Jews.

Rep. Eliot Engel, a Jew and the House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman has no intention to punish Omar for her Israel-Jew hatred flares. His excuse is that doing so would “exacerbate the situation.” This is what I call the ‘Sha-Shtil’ typical Jewish mentality that, for centuries, eroded Jews’ ability to stand proud as Jews and project deserved dignity and respect.

At the IAC (Israel America Council) 2018 conference, which I attended, they hosted Rep. Nancy Pelosi, asserting to have Jews as members of her family. On stage, Nancy lied to 1500 supporters of Israel that she has Israel’s back. She has Israel’s security at heart and she advocates for Israel’s security needs while she voted for Obama and the EU Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPA), Iran nuclear deal that guarantees that his Jew-hating Islamo-Nazi regime could obtain nuclear arsenal and be able to deliver on its ongoing threats to wipe Israel off the world’s map.

Is that how you have someone’s back!? I guess for the Democrats it is!

Why would IAC even allow politician Pelosi to lie and deceive its guests which should be seen a rejection of this organization’s tenet?

Unfortunately, Jews have been and are the scapegoat for many. In the past, while their survival was at stake and they were pushed to a corner, while they were praying for a miracle they are left alone, Jews preferred not to challenge the lies about them; they hid behind what is now called political correctness.

It is important to note that the percentage of Jewish voters has been declining for decades. It is reasonable therefore, to assume that soon Muslims, many of whom are Jew-haters, whose numbers in the United States have skyrocketed since 9/11/01, will outnumber Jews and more of Ilhan Abdullahi Omar’s type are likely to take a seat in the House of Representatives. More Jew-hatred venom will be uttered and much will be dodged and/or ignored.

In an upside-down world, the Democrats are now the captives of the identity politics coalition that is embracing ‘Jew-hatred,’ accusing Jews of oppressing Muslims, a twisted victimology doctrine.

Silent Holocaust

Jew-hatred and living away from their homeland has inflicted a silent Holocaust.

Jews have turned away from Judaism, which is in fact the base for western civilization. They have been assimilating in large numbers, losing their ancient identity code. Marriages between Jews and non-Jews have reached high count, meaning devastating loss of members of the Jewish nation to never be regained.

World’s denial

In the 1930s, National Socialist and far-right Antisemitism were of no interest to anyone. Likewise, the Antisemitism growing today seems of no interest to anyone.

Israel just held the 5th World Holocaust Forum, in which much was promised and doubted be followed.

One should reflect: if, seven decades ago, the existence of the nascent State of Israel had depended on the countries represented this year in the Jerusalem Forum, the outcome would have been catastrophic. And today Israel’s ability to defend herself by herself means, the antidotes to a second Holocaust.

Resisting anti-Semites

I am a daughter of Holocaust surviving parents whose immediate and distant families, almost entirely, perished in the Holocaust. I do not embrace the millennia-long Jewish victimhood mentality; I fight back.

We, Jews, are no longer victims, no longer a disenfranchised minority. We have a nation-state, we are able to defend ourselves and we own sovereignty. We are a leading world’s force for goodness. Our posture must be upright and strong and our pride carried high.

I am a Jewess. People often tell me, ‘you do not look Jewish.’ What does it mean to look Jewish? This question is an anti-Semitic slur underline.

auschwitz birkenau - entering what was hells gate.
The writer at the rail track leading Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp – A gate to hell – Photo credit Nurit Greenger

The ancient Jew hatred – which, once again has reared its ugly head – is a fix for an ingathering storm for Jews. The time to stand up to it, in unison, and fight this hatred, like never fought before, is now. Jew-hatred, or the mild and too general, too mainstream term – Antisemitism – must be eradicated from this world for once and for all.

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Nurit Greenger

Nurit Greenger is a passionately -committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a “one-woman Hasbarah army” for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.