6 Business Card Design Tips for a Bad Ass Business Reputation

The business world is always changing. And yet business cards are as important as ever. This is how you make a good first impression on clients and customers.

Yet not every business card is created equal. The key is to have a card with a great design.

In this article, we take a look at a few great business card design tips that can take your first impression to the next level. Keep reading to learn the 6 most important aspects of designing business cards.

1. Basic Design Principles

Here are a few basic design tips to keep in mind.

First, be sure that your typography remains legible by maintaining a minimum size. After all, you don’t want the text on your card to be too small to read.

For best image reproduction quality, work at 300dpi.

Keep your most important copy at least 5mm from the trim edge of the card. This will keep it looking clean and professional.

2. Know What You Want

One of the keys to good business card design is to make sure it effectively communicates a visual message about your business. There are endless possibilities, so why make your card look generic?

Come up with a list of questions to ask yourself. What do you want your card to say? What image are you wanting to convey to the world? Think about your personal brand and design your card accordingly.

3. Choose a Size and Shape

When it comes to the best size and shape for your cards, the decision should be primarily based on the country where you live. The standard size for North America is 3.5 x 2 in, whereas the standard European size in 3.346 x 2.165 in.

As far as shapes go, you can choose from rectangle or square, or even go for a more creative or custom shape, depending on what you want to communicate about your business.

4. Choose Your Logo and Graphics

Your corporate logo should take center stage on your card. We suggest holding back with any additional graphics so that they don’t overwhelm the layout. Clean and streamlined is always best.

5. Keep Text to a Minimum

Text is another design element where less is more. Keep in mind that the purpose of your text is to communicate specific information. Anything more is simply distracting.

6. Select a Designer

Once you’ve selected the design elements you want for your business cards, it’s time to find a designer. This is the stage where you get what you pay for. It is certainly easy to save money by hiring a budget designer, but the quality of your card will boil down to the quality of design and the quality of the materials used.

We suggest spending as much as you can afford. Consider it an investment in your company.

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The Best Business Card Design Tips

Never underestimate the importance of business cards for your company. The business card design tips in the article will help find the right design for your company.

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